Maintaining a tidy kitchen

Wednesday November 28 2018

Having cabinets for different items will help

Having cabinets for different items will help you keep your kitchen neat.  

By Dorcus Murungi

Have you ever got into a kitchen and instantly lost appetite for food because of its untidy state? Sometimes people give a lot of attention to other parts of the house and less to their kitchen. Jackeline Biira of Spaces interior, says a kitchen is a very important part of the interior that should be kept tidy.
Here is what you can do to keep your kitchen neat:

Clean before working
Do not start work unless the kitchen is clean. Asaad Kabugho of Fox wood interiors says if possible, no one should start cooking until their kitchen is clean.
He says in most cases, when one starts cooking an untidy kitchen, they get depressed and throw up their hands in despair after cooking a meal.
“If you start cooking when the kitchen is in a clean state, you will be more motivated to keep it clean,” he says.

Have a place for everything
Biira says the kitchen is a collection of a number of things ranging from utensils to food, spices and fruits. When different equipment is mixed up, the kitchen becomes a mess.
“Instead of having things scattered here and there, it is much better to have similar things all in one spot. For example, I have a large plate on which I keep all of my non-refrigerated fruit. I also like to keep all of my cooking utensils in one end of my kitchen. That gives me a long expanse of counter with nothing on it,” she shares.

Clean while you wait
Grace Namubiru, a house wife, says if a person finds themselves with some free time in the kitchen, it is important to use it wisely.
“For example, if you are waiting for a kettle of water to boil, instead of standing around, do a bit of cleaning.
“Start unloading the dishwasher, you can put away cooking utensils that you are done using or wipe down the counters and you will be amazed at how much you can get done during the in-between times of cooking,” she advises.

Have a compost/trash bowl
Namubiru adds that it is important for every kitchen to have a compost bin.
She says instead of throwing your food scraps onto the counter; it is much more efficient to place them in a dedicated compost bowl.
This way she says you do not have to wipe up the food or juice but you can quickly dump the scraps all at once.
She adds that you can even peel bananas, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, etc. directly into the bowl to save time.

Clearing the sink
Biira says it is gross when one forgets to let the water out and they have to stick their hands in cold, greasy water.
She says if you do it right after you wash dishes, it is way easier to wipe out the sink.

Clean up spills immediately Kabugho says cleaning spills as soon as possible is one thing that we all know we should do, but neglect when we are in a hurry.
“The reality is, if you get a spill as soon as possible, it will be so much easier to clean up but when it dries up, it has to be soaked or scraped first, when it could have been cleaned up with a simple wipe,” he says.

Use storage containers
Biira says people need not to only use storage containers for their offices but should also use them in their kitchens. “Get containers where you can keep various items of the kitchen like salt, sugar, tealeaves or honey and label them, this will help you to have a clean and well-arranged kitchen with everything in its right place,” she says.