Make a statement with your outdoors

Wednesday May 15 2019

A well thought out outdoor space will make your

A well thought out outdoor space will make your home a haven. However, a lot of consideration is needed so that all elements blend to bring harmony. PHOTO BY ISMAIL KEZAALA 

By Zuurah Karungi

A beautiful house is everyone’s dream and it takes less to make one, you just have to implement different things to make your home unique and outstanding. But you need to know that it takes creativity, good choice and love for something to create a unique picture in your house.
One of the things you can exploit to achieve this is your entrance. This being the first thing that everyone who comes to your home sees, it should be appealing. However, you need to know that appeal is not just about purchasing expensive items and placing them at your entrance, but it goes beyond how and where you use that item to create a good impression.

This starts right from the time you are building things such as the stairs, columns, floor type and the porch. This does not limit one who has already built and still wants to make a change in their house because you can still decide to reshape your house for the better at any time.
Some of the places that people give attention when beautifying their homes are:

The plants
Some people show their art with plants. You can choose to enhance your entrance with nature such as plants and flowers. That said, it takes creativity and art to bring out an ideal picture. You therefore need to mind how you plant the trees and flowers, where you plant them, while ensuring you care for them. Some plants look better than others so your plant choice also matters a lot.

Boniface Wanja of Bonre Consultancy Palour, says you can go for beautiful clay pots to add extra beauty to the flowers. You can also create a small garden below the verandah and include some beautiful trees that will enhance the flowers’ beauty.
“When making these choices, look at what will bring out the uniqueness better and how. The most trending vessels these days are those designed like animals and birds, for example in form of ducks, the current one is where pots are painted gold. It looks so unique and beautiful,” he says.

Wanja emphasises care because however much the plants look great, if not cared, for they can fade and give a bad impression. “You should constantly prune and weed the plants, at least twice a month not forgetting cleaning the vessels, if you chose to use them,” he says.
Wanja further says that to better bring out the beauty and uniqueness in plants, the use of lights would help a lot, especially at night. It is thus a great idea to use bulbs to light up the plants at your entrance. He recommends light of different colours be spread across the plants.

The stairs do a great job in a home besides the usual use of helping us access different floors of the house. “They can also be home beautifiers. There are various staircase designs but the best that could work for your entrance and also trending would be the round stairs as well as the oval ones,” Junior Ogola an architect, says. This is supposed to be considered at the time of construction.
“The stairs also give a house the first impression so being artistic and creative with designs with the help of an architect would give them a good look,” he adds.


Giving a staircase a good look will not be enough so complementing it with great looking material is worth considering. Ogola says that you might just use cement or opt for tiles, and wood depending on what will look appealing. “However, tiles would do a great job. With that opt for rough tiles to avoid accidents,” he says. He further says that the colour will also add beauty to the stairs as long as the theme colour is respected.

Since colours talk more than words, how you blend them in your house can bring out the biggest impression. The first thing to look at is how the colours complement other features, both exterior and interior. Colour choice can depend on the mood and desire of the home owner. When we talk about colour, we look at how the plants, doors, garden, furniture and wall colours all rhyme and the picture they bring out.
“Colour choice comes with the owner’s desires first but making the right choice would be very important you choose on either using dull or bright colours. Get help from experts on how to blend different colours to bring out uniformity in your house,” say Bashir Masembe of Namaro interiors.

Burglar designs
Besides safety, these can greatly help to beautify your outdoors making your house more appealing, Burglars come in different designs so your choice matters a lot.
“They come in different shapes and designs, a better choice would mean a keen look and their paint should all go back to the theme colour,” says Wanja.

Column designs
A column or pillar in architecture and structural engineering is a structural element that transmits, through compression, the weight of the structure above to other structural elements below.
This is one of the areas where the architect would help most because these are normally initial stages of the house where the house plan is still under designing.
Ogola says column designs need to be done in the process of house planning whereby you need to look for a design that would work for you and in this case a unique design should be your goal.
“Ask an architect what columns style would match the architectural theme of your entire house. This will help you to keep your house uniform and with a specific design,” he adds.

Wanja says that everything revolves around cleanliness, “You can put all kinds of unique materials in your house but if you are not clean it will make no effect to your house. Therefore, try to clean your compound at least twice a month,” he adds.
Masembe advises home owners that for any colour choice in your plan, aim at creating uniformity because if you use random colours, everything might lose meaning.
Other features to consider to beautify your outdoors are floor, cornets, and furniture.