Make your own wall book shelf

Wednesday January 30 2019

Book shelves can take any shape depending on

Book shelves can take any shape depending on owner’s taste. Courtesy photo 

By Desire Mbabaali

Book shelves are among some of the furnishings that are expensively sold with a good shelf ranging from Shs500,000 and above. However, if you need a simple book shelf that can accommodate a few books, but also leave your space with an equally elegant and unique look, here is how to make one.

Rogers Ssetumba, a carpenter and owner of Retained Furniture and Holdings, notes that wall book shelves are great to use when utilising space, but also, give spaces in your room a chance to be occupied. “Additionally, they are not expensive to make since they take only a few pieces of wood but also, very simple to make, and do not need a lot of expertise.

Making one
“Wall book shelves can take any shape, according to one’s tastes and preferences from straight rows or columns to shelves partitioned in different shapes, like squares, rectangles, triangles, V-shapes among other shapes,” Ssetumbe says, advising that for a smarter look, talk to your carpenter or woodworker about the shapes you want and their different sizes, so that they have it cut / shaped / curved for you. After this, your job will be assembling the pieces to your wall, just like you like them.

Before assembling, identify the space on your wall where you need your bookshelf to be. One should also note that this will be stationary, so carefully consider the most comfortable space that won’t be an inconvenience to you. Using a pencil and a ruler, carefully mark the different areas where you will fix the wood onto the wall, making sure that they straightly align with your design, to give your shelf a smart finish.

Measure distances and space from one partition to another, ensuring the measurements are the same, save in cases where you deliberately want different distances from one partition to another. This should also apply to people who prefer floating book shelves.

Following your demarcations already drawn on the wall, fix your woodwork onto the wall using nails and a hammer. While buying nails, ensure to buy the correct inch, long enough to go through the wood and stick into the wall, at the same time. “Furthermore, it is always better to have the book shelf high above the ground, but not too high to reach either. This makes the work of fixing it into the wall less tedious.

To add beauty to your handiwork, you might want to paint the book shelf the same color of your room, a different color to compliment the already existing one or one that simply makes it stand out in the room. And for people who just prefer to keep the rich mahogany look of the wood work, finishing off the shelf with wood vanish will give you the desired effect.