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Nasuuti: A place for residentials, business

Wednesday March 13 2019

Boda boda cyclist rides past the main road in

Boda boda cyclist rides past the main road in Nasuuti, Mukono District. The area is suitable for both commercial and residential houses. Photo by Dorcus Murungi 


On Mukono-Kayunga road is a place called Nasuuti. The area is approximately one kilometre from Mukono Town. Mukono is 24.7km from Kampala via the Northern Bypass route.

Why it is ideal for homes?
According to Solomon Butandwa, a resident of Nasuuti, although the area was rarely sought after in the past, it has grown into one of the most popular residential areas in the outskirts of Mukono, with some of the high profile people in the country residing here.

He says this is because of its proximity to Mukono Town and its good connectivity to other places.
“Nasuuti is a walkable distance [10mins walk] to Mukono town for those who do not mind walking, a boda boda is Shs1,000, while a taxi goes for Shs500,” he says, adding that this has made it a good settlement area for people working in Mukono town.

Also, its connectivity to places such as Kayunga and Gayaza, has increased its demand for settlement. Nasuuti is well tarmacked, has electricity, water and above all an everyday market where people can buy their groceries from.
Apart from its proximity to Mukono Town, Nasuuti has a serene environment good for human settlement.
“When you move out of the trading centre, Nasuuti is a quiet place where someone can rest from a stressful day,” Butandwa explains.

Cost of land
According to Steven Mayanja, a land dealer in Nasuuti, the cost of land depends on the seller. However, Mayanja says land owners who are not in a rush, sell a 50x100ft plot of land in Nasuuti Trading area between Shs150m and Shs200m. However, he says those in a hurry can sell a plot of 50 by 100ft on Nasuuti main road at Shs100m.
Mayanja says land which is off the main road in Nasuuti ranges between Shs35m and Shs60m.

Economic activities
Moses Buule, a resident of the area, says the most predominant economic activity is trade in general merchandise in the daily market and retail shops.
He says there are all types of businesses starting from wholesale to retail shops, health facilities, a daily market and schools.

For the people operating in markets, they get their food supply from Bugerere in Kayunga District at a relatively cheaper price as compared to those who do their shopping from other markets.

“Our markets always have fresh food stuff which are at a relatively cheaper price, this is because most of the produce in the market is got from Bugerere,” he explains. For those who carry out farming in
Nasuuti, it is mostly on small scale because the space is limited.

Butandwa says there are many good schools within Nasuuti, especially for kindergarten, nursery and primary school levels.

Social activities
Buule says there are many hangout places within Nasuuti, for instance Royal Tavans, Golden Crane Motel and Jessens.
He says people in Nasuuti do not have to travel out of the area in search of recreational facilities because Nasuuti has several.
There are also places of worship for all the major faiths.

Mayanja says although there is no police post within Nasuuti, insecurity cases are rarely heard of in the area. He says most people in the residential area have perimeter walls, which in a way has kept security in check.