One of Wakiso’s urban centres

Wednesday October 15 2014

While there are  few businesses along the road

While there are few businesses along the road that leads to Buloba, the area is still developing therefore making it better as a residential area than a business place. Photos by Abubaker Lubowa. 

By Joseph Kato

I have always passed Buloba on my way to Mityana and because I was always thinking of my destination, I had never thought of how close this town is to Kampala City.
Richard Tebikoma Bwanika, the chairperson of Buloba-Bunwa –Kapeeka Zone, explains that Buloba is approximately 20 kilometres from the city and it is divided into five zones; each with three villages.
Some of the villages are Bwotansimbi, Kirimamboga, Serugoye, Bunwa and Bakulu. Tebikoma explains that villages like Bwotansimbi and Kirimamboga got their names from the activities that took place there in the past.
He adds that Buloba covers an area of about 1,295 hectares.
The common businesses in the area are mainly hardware shops, bars, retail shops as well as food stalls. If you are new to the place and you want someone to pick you up, some of the land marks in the area are Petro City, Filling Station and Buloba Forest Beach.
Tebikoma adds that most of the youth in Buloba engage in activities such as brick making, boda boda riding and construction.

Buloba is approximately 20km from KampalaCity. It is Shs2,000 fare by taxi from Kampala to Buloba and between Shs2,500 and Shs3,000 on the way back.

Paul Eyabu, the officer in charge of duties and staff deployment at Buloba Police Station says, “Accidents and land wrangles are the most registered cases at the station because of the new settlers in the area.”
Eyabu, however says, “We sensitise the community about the safety measures to take when crossing the road. We also educate residents on offences like burglary, domestic violence and assaults among others plus how to deal with land isses. This has helped us reduce on the crime rate.”
He further stresses that they conduct night patrols in all villages with the help of trained youths known as crime preventers.

Buloba Health Centre and Lynaset Health Care Services are the few health facilities in the area.
Meanwhile, Buloba High School, Buloba Teacher’s College, Buloba Vocational Institute and Africa Renewal University are among the education facilities in this place. Kasero Church of Uganda and St. Peter Catholic Church are some of the worship centres in the area. However, if you have a plot of land or if you intend to buy one in Buloba, you are better off using it for residential purposes because the place is better off as a residential area than a business area.