Plan for a five-bedroom house on a hill

Wednesday February 6 2019

The artistic impression of the house.  PLAN BY


By Zuurah Karungi

Having a house of your own is good but having a comfortable house with great features and a beautiful scenery is the best feeling.

According to Simon Peter Kazibwe, an architectural designer from Royaux Architects and Engineers, with the hillside storeyed house, you will have somewhere to cool off your mind after a busy day as well as a multipurpose house and a large compound for all your functions. “This house is set for a hillside design with a great lakeside view and is rather classy and luxurious, you can host parties or do your office work here since it has everything inside,” he adds.

This luxurious five-bedroom storeyed house has an elevator leading you to each of the rooms. It is built on a hillside hence good for lake view.
It has five bedrooms, an office, a security room in the basement in case of an emergency, a control room, a laundry room, a kitchen, store, living and dining room, a garage that can accommodate three cars and a parking lot for four cars. Kazibwe says this house has four floors, house help bedroom in the basement, two bedrooms on the ground floor, one bedroom on the first floor and the master bedroom on the second floor.

This house can occupy an acre, which leaves it with a reasonable compound probably half acre for outdoor activities.

Since it has a lot of features and is built on a hillside, it takes more materials compared to a house built on a low land, it will need grading, deep excavation into the hill and the way it is designed with retaining walls, will need a little more material. Building of the house alone will cost you between Shs350m and Shs400m and finishing will cost between Shs100m and Shs160m. The whole project will cost you between Shs550 and Shs600m.

Kazibwe notes that this is a rough estimation and only a quantitative surveyor working on the project can give accurate figures.


Windows and doors
Kazibwe also notes that the windows and exterior doors should be designed in steel and aluminum to match the class of the house. However, you can opt for mahogany interior doors.

According to Jackline Biira, an interior designer, a tiled floor would perfectly suit the house and maintain its class.
Kazibwe notes that finishing will cost between Shs100m and Shs160m.
Finishing will include painting, which involves colour selection.

Various colours bring about different emotions and moods in the house. For example, white makes the room spacious, red brings about energy and boldness while blue can represent peace. Colours portray who you are or what you want to say, therefore, your choice matters a lot.

Birra notes that the house needs elegant interior features to match its make. These will include an aluminum ceiling decorated with lights on the different corners, elegant seats preferably the leather ones, tiles, a nice colour on the walls preferably the cool ones, blue, green, white depending on your taste, among others.
“Indoor plants will help you bring nature to the house and since some plants like Boston fern are air fresheners, they will bring a cool breeze to the house. They can be placed in the corners or hang around walls or even house corners as well.

Boniface Wanja, a landscaper from Bonre Consultancy palour, notes that this kind of house needs modern landscaping to match the beauty and class of the building.

He recommends fruit gardening as the best since it is multipurpose and a trend these days. These could be guavas, oranges, apples, mangoes (opt for species that don’t grow tall), paw paws among other fruits that will not only give you beauty but also food.

“Since the house is set for lake view, we don’t need bulging trees in the middle as they will spoil the initial purpose. Minimal trees can be planted to bring green and nature to your home, these should be constantly trimmed to maintain a low shape,” he advises.

He notes that water features in the garden could complement the view as water brings nature to a home, creates a great view through light reflection and cools the area. This could be a swimming pool or create water streams around plants.

NB: This is not a definitive plan, the actual plan can be got from an architect