Plastic roofing tiles, the eco friendly option

Wednesday June 26 2013


Home developers today are seeking for cheaper, eco friendly and long lasting options for building their houses. This does not go without saying a good roof over your head will give you peace. You will go to bed every night without worrying about leaking roof or planning to change the roof after a given a certain period of time.

And as such the plastic roofing tile option comes in handy. The plastic roofing tiles, for exmple those manufactured by Resintile East Africa Ltd are not only cheaper but also lighter than the rest of the tiles in the market.

The make
The tiles are an eco friendly option made entirely from plastic waste material mixed with sand. The new roofing tiles are light, long lasting and are cost effective.

The product that has been in the market for over a year, is approved by UNBS and is made from high density polythene, low density ply ethylene, high impact polystyrene, polypropylene and acrylonitrile styrene that is commonly found in the many plastic products.

Most developers in Uganda prefer to use iron sheets leaving the existing clay tiles to those who can afford them. However, this new product is promising to revolutionize the construction sector by offering a cheaper and environmental friendly solution to the roofing.

Emmanuel Mugamba, the Director, Resintile EA, says the demand in the market place and the environmental social concerns drove them to introduce this product. “At the time when the city is facing a problem of garbage, the product helps to reduce on the garbage and at the same time protect the environment,” he says.


Bridging shortages
He also adds that the tiles require minimum maintenance and repair and can be recycled. They are also easy to transport and have no breakage.

The country at large faces an acute shortage in the housing sector with over a deficit of 6,000 housing units according to the Minister of State for Investment, Hon Gabriel Ajedra while speaking at the launch of the new product.
Mugambe who is also a home owner says the tiles are cheaper and offer as much efficiency as the ones in the market.

Mugambe adds that aside from them being light the tiles are also easy to maintain as they can easily be removed and cleaned.

Maintainance and replacement
Amos Tamusuza the General Manager Resintile says in case of any damage, the tiles can still be recycled and replaced for the developers which makes them a cost effective option for the home developers.
The tiles come in different colors.