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Reward your mattress with a fancy protector

Wednesday October 17 2018

A mattress cover will afford you a clean

A mattress cover will afford you a clean mattress. That aside, your mattress will also last longer than it would without a protector. 


As humans, we spend about one third of our lifetime sleeping and mattresses play a key role in providing a good night’s sleep which is beneficial to our physical and mental health. It is crucial to keep mattresses as good as new in order to optimise their functionality as well as their robustness, other factors remaining constant. Although this is a reality, there are many factors that defy it!

“During sleep, the body releases sweat which is absorbed into the mattress. Although it happens intermittently, it is continually absorbed into the same mattress. This not only makes the mattress dirty but evokes a nasty smell due to the build-up of dirt and germs,” says Edwin Ndwigah, the executive housekeeper at Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari club. He adds that dirty mattresses easily wear out.

According to Joseph Male, a housekeeping supervisor at Hixon Residences Kololo, some people may choose to have breakfast in bed but sometimes this may not end up well as tea, or juice may accidentally pour on the bed. This spill will be directly absorbed in the mattress. Although one may try to clean it off, it might still leave a stain which mars the appearance of the mattress. Male adds that there are other things that may leave stains on the mattress making it filthy, such as liquid face foundation and soups, among others.

Whatever the case, the good news is that one can have a mattress as a clean as new if they put a mattress protector on their mattresses.
Ndwigah defines a mattress protector as a thick quilted piece of bedding that is strapped on top of the mattress or encased to protect the mattress from dirt, stains and mould, among others. He says that while there will be sweat, and stains, they will settle on the mattress protector which can be easily washed and put back - leaving your mattress clean. He say, that mattress protectors also enhance sleep by providing extra comfort for the user.

According to Male, it is always good to concurrently purchase the mattress and the mattress protector. That is to ensure that the size of the mattress protector matched that of the mattress lest it keeps shifting or creasing making the user uncomfortable.

The mattress protector should always be put on a clean mattress. If the mattress is already dirty, clean it first and give it time to dry before you can put on a mattress protector. Put the mattress on the base of the bed and ensure it is in order; strap on the mattress protector first on top of the mattress or encase it. Ensure that it has fitted on well.
Male adds that once you adopt the culture of using mattress protectors, your mattresses will not only look as good as new but will be comfortable, giving you a hygienic good night sleep and more.

The types
According to Bridget Tushabe, an administrator at Pearl Apartments Munyonyo, “Mattress protectors come in all sizes. All the user needs to know when purchasing the mattress protector is, the size of the mattress and the quality of the mattress protector. As long as the protector can shield the mattress against anything that would make it dirty and is comfortable, then one is good to go.”

Encasement type
It encompasses the entire mattress. It is like placing a mattress into a large protective fabric bag. This mattress protector in a special way protects the mattress against tear and wear. The encasement mattress protectors are not common in Uganda but can be ordered on Amazon online store for Shs29,600 - Shs111,000, Tushabe advises.

The fitted sheet-style
It is placed over a mattress just like a fitted sheet. This mattress protector also protects the mattress against tear and wear. According to Tushabe, the fitted sheet-style mattress protectors can be found in Game stores, Lugogo as well as Amazon. between Shs90,000 - Shs250,000.

Strap on type
It has four elastic straps. One on each corner of the protector. The mattress protector is placed on top of the mattress then the elastic straps are pulled and strapped onto the mattress to keep it from moving. Tushabe says that these are the most common in Uganda and can be found in Senana Hypermarket and Game Stores Lugogo.
In conclusion, Ndwigah advises home owners to have at least a pair of mattress protectors for each mattress - just in case one is soiled and is being washed then one can use the other. He emphasises that mattresses should never go without mattress protectors if they are to remain clean and durable.

Given their role, mattress protectors should be washed as soon as they are soiled and repaired as soon as they are out of order, according to Joseph Male, a housekeeping supervisor at Hixon Residences Kololo. Edwin Ndwigah, the executive housekeeper at Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari club, explains that mattress protectors are easy to wash. When washing them more so if they are white, soak them in cold water as hot water makes them loose their protective element, add washing powder then some little bleach if they have stains. After about 30 minutes or an hour, wash them. If you cannot do it yourself then take them to the dry cleaner. Mattress protectors should be washed at least twice a month.