Simple, convenient budget house

Wednesday March 13 2019

The artistic impression.  Plan by Seraphino

The artistic impression. Plan by Seraphino Junior Ogoola  

By Zuurah Karungi

The plan is of a simple residential bungalow at an affordable cost, depending on the owner’s capabilities. Architect Seraphino junior Ogola, a freelance architect, notes that this house may cost one between Shs75m and Shs90m, but can cost more than Shs130m depending on the kind of finishing you are opting for. The house is simple, affordable and convenient because of its make. “Someone may go for concrete, while others will go for more expensive finishings like tiles, which makes it more expensive than the other,” he notes.

The house is on a 50 by 100ft plot of land on which it only occupies 15.3 metres by 12 metres. This leaves it with a reasonable space for other activities or construction. It has three bedrooms, a master bedroom and two other rooms. It has a dining room, sitting room, kitchen, study room, prayer room and garages.
Ogola adds that this house is designed for a parent with young children - the reason the rooms are aligned in the same line for parents to control their children’s movements.

He adds that there is a toilet and a bathroom in the master bedroom, whereas the occupants in the other two bedrooms share a toilet. The shared toilet is placed at the extreme end of the corridor for it to be easily accessed by people in the study room and prayer room.

Study room
The special thing about this house is that it has a study room, which can as well be used as an office. You will have all the reading materials here instead of having them in the sitting room.
The study room is immediately after the prayer room. It is quiet and convenient to do your office work and for children to read books there.

Porch, garage, verandah and balcony
It has one porch at the back, which is big enough for home activities such as cooking( with charcoal stove), washing, among others and a verandah around the entire house giving seat options and space for container plants depending on the owners plan.
It also has an indoor garage which accommodates one car. “The balcony is located at the front, it is spacious and can accommodate enough seats for people to get an outside view. You can host simple gathering of around 10 people, making it convenient for simple house parties,” Ogola says.

The house leaves a reasonable portion of space for the yard for house activities, you can have a rubbish pit incorporated there or an outside kitchen, among others.

The money spent depends on the type of finishing one decides to have. As mentioned earlier, this type of house will cost you between Sh75m and Shs130m. However, this depends on where you are building as well.
Houses built outside Kampala are cheaper than those built within the city. Ogoola says this is only an estimate, the actual cost can be got from a quantity surveyor working on the project.

How to reduce finishing costs
Sharif Mwesigwa, a builder, notes that finishing is more expensive than putting up a structure. The items required to define a structure are many and most of them expensive.
However, you can play around with the available options to reduce the cost in case you have a low budget or take the expensive and classy options to give your house an elegant look in case you have enough money.

Floor: There are many options for the floor, as one who has an adjustable budget opts for tiles, you can go for concrete.
Concrete floors will only require cement and a few ingredients as compared to tiles where the least pack of 12 tiles is around Shs60,000 and you will need quite a number of them to cover the entire house.

Ceiling: Instead of going for galvanised ceilings, you can opt for the locally made ones with cement and a wire mesh. This will help you save a reasonable amount of money.
Painting: This is one feature that defines a house and its occupants. Painting includes use of different shades to bring out a clear look in a home. With a minimal budget, opt for a single tone because double tones, colour mixture and others will need more money.

A 20 litre jerrycan of paint costs between Shs60,000 and Shs90,000, while a big bucket is Shs270,000 to Shs350,000, depending on where you buy it from.
Sharon Amoding, an exterior designer, notes that for the outside walls, avoid using environment colours (green) because these will not make the house any different from the environment thereby inviting insects and dangerous reptiles such as snakes and geckos in.