Small kitchen organisation ideas

Wednesday June 24 2020

A homeowner shares how she keeps her kitchen

A homeowner shares how she keeps her kitchen organised. PHOTO/ISMAIL KEZAALA  

By Carolyne B. Atangaza

Small kitchens are the bane of modern apartment dwellers. To make the most of the available space will require as much creativity as possible. Some kitchens come already fitted with cabinets and sometimes a cooker, which leave very little space for anything else.
One of the most efficient ways to work with a small kitchen is embracing the openness. Since there is no space for cupboards, interior décor expert Peter Epenu recommends using your dishes and cutlery as décor. “This means you become a more discerning buyer. Look for the pretty dishes, plates, bowls, and coffee mugs that can be integrated in your décor,” Epenu advises.

Similarly you can hang your wooden utensils, cutting boards, and cutlery as authentic décor elements. While shopping also look for those nesting cookware sets that are multipurpose and are safe enough to come from the stove to the dining table.
Epenu also reveals that hooks and rods mounted properly can help save space. “You can hang anything on these hooks or rods from hang coffee mugs, cutlery and pans to baskets containing fruits and vegetables or spices,” he shares.
You can also create space in your kitchen cabinets by switching to air-tight food containers.

“Eliminate the boxes and unsightly packaging by buying food containers. Not only are they easy on the eye but they also preserve your food items,” the décor expert remarks.
Décor experts also recommend storing your dry goods in jars and canisters. Not only can you create uniformity in your pantry storage this way, but you can also see at a glance where your lentils, rice, or oats are stashed.
Arranging these jars on display on open shelves can also give your kitchen a rustic, homestead-chic look.

Michelle Nkunzi a DIY enthusiast, recommends making use of often ignored spaces such as corners. They are perfect for mounting shelving that can be used for storing spices and similar kitchen essentials.
“We needed this space in our kitchen as our cabinets started getting full of pots and pans all over the place including their lids. Our kitchen is small but this shelving was the best thing we added to our kitchen. I created three shelves which look neat, be careful not to overdo it and end up with a kitchen that looks too cluttered,” Nkunzi shares.

Nkunzi says integrating appliances such as a microwave, wine fridge, or installing a dishwasher into a kitchen island can be a real space saver.
“Some people just choose to build an island that is all closed up even when they need the space. My contractor suggested utilising that space and it has been such a handy space. If you live in a rented home, you might need to discuss with your landlord before remodelling the island,” she advises.
Do you struggle to find storage space for cleaning supplies or even your wine bottles? Décor experts recommend repurposing those office file folders for just this job. Place all of your kitchen cleaning supplies into file folders, putting the most frequently used items towards the front and keep them under the sink.

Add “Drawers” to Deep Cabinets
Store your table linens — placemats, cloth napkins, or even the table runner you only use on Christmas — in durable plastic pins. The best part? They pull out so you won’t have to dig for anything in the way back. With wire shelf risers, you can multiply vertical storage space, giving you even more room to store all of your dishware. Just because you’re short on space doesn’t mean you have to compromise your love of mugs, dishes, and cute bowls.

Use forgotten spaces
Like the side of your lower cabinets. It’s the perfect spot to hang heavy, clunky items that are annoying to store like colanders or cutting boards.


Keep the clutter at bay
When it comes to your kitchen cabinets, a little organizing can go a long way. Instead of packing your kitchen shelves from top to bottom with supplies, pare down your collection to just the essentials so you can keep everything you need within arm’s reach.

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