Things that make tenants stay longer

Do your tenants keep vacating at every end of initial mandatory payment period? Here are some of the reasons why a tenant may stay in one house longer than another

Apartments in Naguru. Investing in houses in a safe neighbourhood is one way of attracting tenants that occupy your premises for long. Photo by Colleb Mugume 



Tenants opt to rent for different reasons. However, most want a place that feels like home. Adanan Mpuuga, the Chief Executive Director of Eastland’s Agency, explains what makes a good tenant to stay in one house for long.

Mpuuga says affordability is one of the reasons a tenant may stay in a unit for long.
“Landlords should set prices depending on the quality of their property. Make sure you have the crucial necessities for the potential tenant. And these include s electricity installation, ventilation and light.
Tenants expect to stay in house which is similar to a home,” Adnan says.

No tenant wants to live in a house where the landlord is always rude. Make sure there is a bond between you and the tenant and this starts with the way you talk to them.

Mpuuga says tenants feel comfortable in secure areas. No one wants to live in a neighbourhood where it is not to safe to be out at certain times of the night.
Besides security, also ensure the house itself is safe.

“This can also involve the issue of hazardous structural situations and these include: loose barriers, obvious electrical problems, unsafe swimming pools, and unprotected and unfenced drop-offs. All of these are under the control of the landlord,” he says.

Mpuuga adds that a landlord must do safety and security survey at least twice in a year. And, you have to inform your tenants about the survey to avoid inconvenience.

“Sometime surveys may involve repairs in the house and you have to inform the tenants in time so that they can fix time to be available when you are doing your repairs,” he advises.

Social services
When your property is located in suitable areas with required amenities, tenants will stick around longe. Presence of good schools, hospitals, churches and recreational centres attract tenants to a neighbourhood.

Implementation of rules
Mpuuga says to have a comfortable environment, tenants must have rules governing their neighbourhood. When people live together, they must set rules to live by.
Rules are necessary so that people know the dos and don’ts
“When people move into a unit they sign a rental agreement or a lease and these indicates the rules. That lease governs how much rent to pay and when, and how you are supposed to act when you’re in that property,” he says .

Ismail Mulindwa of I.Mulins properties says trust is one of the most important aspects in every business and this can be violated when a landlord promises to do something and they do keep their word.
“If you’re a landlord, make sure that you do exactly what you promise in the tenancy agreement. Having trust is one of the aspects which make tenants to stay extensively in your houses,” he says.
He adds that some landlords ignore complaints from the tenants yet they choose to rent because they do not want to have to deal with taking care of a house. “Here, tenants become irritated when their complaints are not catered for and these include: noise, parking, repair and such being ignored. This can force a tenant to look for another hood even if it costs more,” Mulidwa says.

Mulindwa says another issue is having good neighbours, who are considerate of others. Some tenants throws parties all night yet others prefer peace and quiet.

“Other kinds of disturbances they hate would be the having a uncooperative neighbour. This kind of disturbance will force them to look for another house where they can feel comfortable, Mulindwa says.

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