Three-bedroom house redefining luxury

If your dream is building a house that stands out from the rest, then you have found your dream house. Not too small and not too big, this mediterranean style house has three bedrooms, two balconies and a gazebo.


BY Carol B. Atangaza


The Mediterranean house plan is defined by an open style with large exterior windows, a low-pitched, tiled roof, and stucco or brick siding. Because of its openness, this plan is a favourite for warm climate places.

According to Simon Peter Kazibwe, an architect from Royal Architects and Engineers, this house sits perfectly on a 50X100ft plot but can also be modified for a slightly smaller one.
“The purpose is to have a house that is both luxurious and functional. In this plan therefore, every space has been designed with that in mind,” Kazibwe states.

As you enter, you will access the living room which is next to the dining room. Next to the dining is the kitchen that has a breakfast nook which can be turned into a bar. There is also a study and a laundry room. The two bedrooms are self-contained while the master suite has an additional living space, working space and an in-built closet.

This design with its mediterranean influence has a certain rustic elegance about it with its sprawling rooms and emphasis on outdoor living. The most distinct feature of this house is the gazebo that is complimented by a flower garden. The gazebo accentuates the L shape of this style. Gazebos and other outdoor spaces, designed for entertaining guests, are another prominent feature of mediterranean style homes.

The colourful flower garden with beautiful landscaping, benches and balconies will not only create seamless indoor-outdoor entertaining but will also add to the outdoor charm of the home. The beauty of a gazebo is that it can be built anywhere since it is a stand-alone structure.

“The location is usually dependent on what major activity you envision for the gazebo, in this case, it is more of a family gathering area so it is placed in what would be the house’s quadrangle,” Kazibwe explains.

Another unique architectural element of this style is the use of tile roofs and stucco finishes on exterior walls.

These elements are supposed to prevent water from damaging the house and to keep it cool during hot days. This plan is perfect for larger plots and is therefore perfect for rural areas instead of urban areas where space is limited.

Cost of Construction
Since this style is quite complex with complex shapes that result in lots of roof lines, this pushes costs up. The house is, therefore, estimated to cost between Shs55m and Shs75m.

According to Hannington Wasswa, a décor expert, trying to stay true to the Mediterranean style with furnishings can be tricky to get right. “Mediterranean style can be compared to the colonial style of furnishing where there is use of heavy and extravagant furniture. Even with a professional, there is a danger of making the house look overstuffed and tacky,” Wasswa cautions.

He recommends marrying Mediterranean style with contemporary designs such as the bold, vibrant jewel tones contrasted by bright, clean whites. “Instead of the earthen rough textured walls, fresh white paint can be added which will give it a classic look,” he adds. The go-to metal for this style, he says, is wrought iron; use it on door hardware, pulls, railings, or light fixtures. Include scrollwork for a truly authentic effect.

Wasswa notes that tiles are a huge element of Mediterranean decor especially the terra cotta and hand-painted tiles. For floors, terra-cotta tiles are more poplar although granite and marble are also common.

“You are going for bold here so you will be looking for red, green, or blue colours which will give the room its smooth feeling. You will also want fabrics that breathe and flow softly in the wind,” says Wasswa.He recommends luxurious curtains mainly silk, wool, and cotton.

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