Where to rent a house in Fort portal town

Wednesday September 11 2019

Residents go about their duties in Fortal

Residents go about their duties in Fortal Portal Town. Photos by Alex Ashaba 


As Fort Portal municipality gears up to be elevated to a city status next financial year 2020/21, some places have been earmarked as potential areas for residential houses and investors are rushing into the area.
The areas are being developed by investors buying plots in the town to establish rental houses to cash in from both travelers and business people who will be staying in fort portal.
Majority of houses constructed for rent are fenced, and have access roads. Some have CCTV cameras.

Kagote area
Kagote area located in west division after Kabudaire Market a few metres away from Fortportal town centre.
Kagote can be accessed via Kabudaire –Kagote Ssaka Road. Alternative routes are via Ntoroko-Bundibuygo Road in Fort Portal Town and Kahungabunyoyi Road.
The area has fully-furnished apartments.

Renting a single room costs between Shs70,000 and Shs200,000 depending on its location and size while double rooms with a kitchen, sitting room and one bedroom, is between Shs200,000 and Shs400,000. For some premises, the cost includes water and electricity, while for others, the tenant has to foot the utility bills.
Besides the general housing units owned by different individuals, the area also has Kagote Housing Estates with apartments for rent.

Kagote area has a police post to ensure security. There is also Katojo government prison and Muhooti army barracks a few metres away from area. These all ensure security in the area.

Social amenities
Residents do not need to travel long distances to access health services since there is Kagote Health centre III that will soon to be elevated to a health centre IV. There is also a another health center III in Katojo, which is closeby. Referral cases are taken to Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital.
There are primary and secondary schools in the area, and Mountains of the Moon University just near by for those with pupils and students.
For the religious, the area has worship centres for both Christians and Muslims.

The Fortportal west Division chairman Richard Muhumuza says Kagote-Saaka road that starts from Fort Portal town centre, will soon be tarmacked under the Agro-led programme.
While those who want to use the air means of transport one has to stop at Saaka airfield that is nearby in Kichwamba Sub-County, Kabarole district.


Rwengoma/ Kahungabunyoyi
Rwengoma and Kahungabunyoyi areas are located along Bundibugyo –Ntoroko road on the right hand side of Fort Portal town.
The area has rental houses with access to good road network, water and electricity.
Among the apartments for renting is a Rwengoa courts among others that is located along Bundibugyo road few metres away from Fortportal town centre.

The area has Lorry Park police post that conducts night patrols to ensure safety of residents. The area has primary and secondary schools, and a medical university (FINZ Medical University).
John Mwesige, a landlord in Rwengoma, says these days there are many people coming to Fort Portal town looking for places to rent. He adds that there are also many people venturing in the real estate business.

Many colonial towns in Uganda with the name Booma were well known for housing rich people and in fort portal town, and this is the case in Fortportal. Boma is a well known as residential. It is where the presidential lodge in Fortportal is located.
Booma is in west division few meters away from fort portal town centre, off Kampala road.
This area has many apartments for rent strategically located with access to electricity and water.
A two-roomed house ranges between Shs300,000 and Shs500,000 depending on the size and location.
While those with single rooms are rented out between Shs150,000 to Shs250,000.
The roads in the area are tarmacked.
The area houses Fortportal Central Police Station Fortportal municipality offices, high court and other outing places, hotels and hotels.
Other places for renting houses include Nsolo, Katumba, Nyankagogo all located in Forportal town south division.
Henry Kayondo, the vice chairperson of South Division, says the cost of rent in these areas are higher now compared to previous years due to institutions such as Uganda Pentecostal University, St Joseph’s Technical institute and Uganda Martyrs University.
Rent here is between Sh150,000 and Shs200,000 for double rooms while singles is between Shs100,000 and Shs150,000 depending on its location.
Residents of these areas seek health services from Muchwa Health Centre II and Kasusu Health Centre III. The area also has Kasusu police post and home guards that are paid by people in the area.
The division has Kachwamba Market operates every Sunday and Kasusu that operates everyday.

Renting costs
In these areas there are many people who are putting up new premises for renting due to the influx of people in the town venturing into different business.
The single roam can be rented in the range of Shs70,000 to Shs100,000 including the water and power bills depending on its location.
While the self contained rooms with kitchen, sitting roam and one bedroom is rented around Shs150,000 to Shs250,000.