Your shoe rack

Saturday February 25 2017


By Gloria Kawuma

The honest truth is that unless I am getting something out of this feature or putting it on, I don’t give it any more thought during my day. Suffice it to say that it is only then that I take note of the things that I need to consider when acquiring the next shoe rack.

Shoe racks are very vital in keeping our homes organised. I found myself screaming at my children to keep their shoes on the shoe rack after tripping over them whilst walking through the corridor.
However this can only happen if you choose or have made the right shoe rack

The right rack
First and most importantly is to consider how many shoes you have and the type of shoes. If you have an abundance of shoes that include heavy boots, then you will need a large, sturdier rack with shelves whose height can also accommodate the boots.

There is no point in spending money on a mahogany or metal rack for your toddler’s shoes when you can make something out of less pricy wood or thin flexible plastic.

The type of shoe rack you choose should also depend on how much space you have. It would be wise to measure the proposed space before purchasing one. If you are living in a small space, you might want to consider shoe storage which you can hang on a wall or over the door. They are usually made out of fabric or thin wire.

The common sites in which shoe racks are placed are along the wall in corridors, at the entrance or exit way, in the closet and over- the- door hanging racks.

a rack each
Whilst it would be easier to have one large shoe rack that houses everybody’s shoes, perhaps it would be wiser to have more than one rack placed in different areas of the house serving different purposes; one for daily used shoes, another for evening dress shoes and another for the less casually worn shoes.

-Gloria Kawuma is an interior designer.