Make your garden a place of dreams

Wednesday March 14 2018

 Pebbles are a natural material and come in a va

Pebbles are a natural material and come in a variety of different colours and textures. They are a perfect complement to other natural materials such as timber and look great as a feature within the garden. File photo  

By Eric Kyama

When you are stressed with work or anything that could have taken up your time during the day or week, home is usually your last resort to find peace and reflect on a number of things. However, this can only happen if when building your home, you took time to create a place to meditate.
One of the things that can help you achieve this is having a quiet and comforting garden.

What to consider
Ethel Chrissy Namono, a private landscaper in Kampala, talks of the need for one to consider the space where the garden is to be situated. “Space is a very important factor when putting in place this kind of garden. Some people have big plots of land and are able to have a large garden,” she says. However, she adds, this may not be the case for a person with a home built on a small plot of land.
Joseph Gamukama, a landscaper with Affinity Impressions, says you must consider where your garden is to be situated. This, he says, is because some places can easily be penetrated by sun rays which in the long run affects the green cover of the garden.
“It is advisable that one places the garden to the east where the sun rises,” Gamukama advises, adding that a meditative garden is best placed at the back of the house. This, he says, makes the home look neater on top of offering you a private sanctuary where you can only take visitors if you wish. This type of garden must have certain features.

Bowl of water
According to, an online portal, a beautiful bowl filled with water and placed in the garden makes a tranquil touch (the birds will love it too). “Add a few stones to the bottom, place a water plant inside or leave it clear and pure. If you have mosquitoes in your area, it is best to choose a fountain instead because mosquitoes tend to avoid running water,” the site states.
The site adds that you can also add some art pieces of your choice. For example, positioning your garden art so that it is intertwined or partially hidden by a natural element such as flowers, vines, moss and leaves makes it feel more a part of the garden.
Sitting areas
Namono says you should consider where in your garden feels the most private and peaceful, and put a seat there. “Think of this as your place of peace, different from a social gathering spot, this is meant to be a solo retreat or a place for heartfelt one-on-one conversations. You must devote time to using your outdoor space, reconnecting with nature and dealing with the many issues that have been or are weighing you down at that moment,” she advises.

Include walking slabs
The major purpose of these, according to Gamukama, is to avoid stepping on the grass causing it to dry fast.

Ornaments make the garden look more attractive. “Some people have things such as broken bottles and wood in their houses. These can be beautified to make something attractive,” says Namono.

These, according to Namono, help make the environment cool and relaxing. Namono adds that in this case, a waterfall is better off just next to the garden nook (place where a person or people can sit and relax)., an online portal, also states that you can a bell or chime. The sound of a ceramic or metal bell or chime brings a feeling of serenity to the garden. Hang one from the eaves over your porch or from the branch of a tree farther out in the garden. If you meditate, pull up your cushion, and use the bell as a signal to begin and end your practice.

This also helps beautify the garden. However, Namono says some sculptures such as those made of wood should be avoided since they will be destroyed by the weather and insects such as termites.

These help give the garden a shade most especially around the garden nook. Besides that, tree shades also protect young plants in the garden from getting affected by strong sun rays.