Create a thrilling outdoor this festive season

Wednesday December 19 2018

Beautiful Christmas lighting will p

Beautiful Christmas lighting will put your family in a festive mood. Shutter photo 

By Dorcus Murungi

Christmas is here, most people have already set up their indoor to match the festive mood but have you worked on your outdoor as well?
Lukia Majja of Greener Compounds, observes that people often forget their exteriors when it comes to Christmas. She says majority of people give attention to their sitting rooms but accord less attention to their outdoor.

She says your home exterior look should also be added on your priority list during this festive season because that is what will welcome your visitors even before they enter the house.

“Outdoor Christmas decorations are key in creating a cheerful festive ambiance during the Christmas season.

“Whether you are going out, making your house and garden the desire of the street or for passersby with elaborate light designs and displays will be a good way of welcoming the festive season.”
Below are some of the ways you can create a festive exterior this Christmas season.

Furnish your exterior
Boniface Wanjja of Bonre Consultancy Polar, says furnishing your exterior will give your home a new look this festive season.
He adds that it is that time of the year when you receive more visitors since it is a festive season.
“You can furnish your windows, the doors or even your roof. You can even repaint your exterior and it will look amazing throughout the festive season,” he says.

Level your tree branches and hedges
Susan Nalumansi of Exotic Outdoors, says for people who have trees in the compound, they should level them such that they look smart. She observes that this will help to blend the lighting in the compound well.

Light up your exterior
According to Majja, lighting up your exterior will be a nice way of decorating your outdoor.

She says this can be achieved through getting creative and thinking about features of the yard that could compliment the lighting effect.
“Look into your exterior and figure out some of the unique features that can bring out the lighting effect well.

“Are they the trees, or could you be having water features that can come out well with the light, think creatively and make your exterior attractive during this festive season,” she says.

Majja says even if a home owner does not aim at using as many bright lights as possible. They can get creative and think about which features of the yard can complement the lighting. He adds that for people who have huge trees in the compound, lighting around a bird’s nest can do the magic. For those who have pools, she advises them to take advantage of water reflections and create a beautiful effect.

She adds that one can also wrap fairy lights around trees in the back yard and the illumination will make them look just a little magical.

Majja says with a little creativity, you can make your Christmas lighting truly special and unique.

Outdoor Christmas tree
Wanjja says though it is more common for people to place Christmas trees indoor, a Christmas tree in the exterior will make the place look amazing.
“If you don’t have so many trees in the compound, buy a natural Christmas tree and place it in your compound, get assured of having an amazing outdoor this Christmas,” he says.
He says a Christmas tree will look amazing lit up at night and it will create an effect that will be perfect for the festive season. However, he notes that one will need an outdoor grade extension cord as well as lighting and decorations that are intended for outdoor use.

Dress up the trees
Nalumansi says one can create a consistent stopping point along each of the trees, regardless of the difference in height. She says the twinkle lights should be wrapped at approximately the same height to create regularity and give the composition balance.

Light the walkways
Nalumansi adds that one can adorn small shrubs or trees around walkways with a few strands of lights not to make them visible but to serve as a sophisticated pointer to your guests.

Make Christmas light spheres
Nalumansi adds that one can also wrap spheres of grapevines with Christmas lights and scatter them across the coat yard.
She says they can also be positioned along front steps. These glowing balls add a fragile touch to an exterior space for a truly magical festive season.