Simple changes that can transform your home’s exterior

Wednesday February 05 2020

Real estate experts say matching doors and windows elevate the cost of the property and make it more appealing. PHOTO BY RACHEAL Mabala

The exterior of your home is the first impression people have. And as far as impressions we know how important how those first ones are. It is therefore important to keep it in perfect and pristine condition.

Power washing
The heated water makes it easier to clean surfaces just as it does when doing dishes or washing your hands and as such, the power washer is essentially as the more heavy-duty machine.
It can more easily scrub spaces clean, and is therefore the preferred option for jobs that require a higher level of cleaning, or may begin in a more serious state of dirt, grime, or grease. It is particularly recommended on surfaces such as concrete, which will not be damaged by power washing.
By power washing the exterior surfaces of a house, the home’s value instantly improves. If you plan to sell your home, using a pressure washer is highly recommended because the water jets will blast away all mildew and stains. When a home looks unattractive, potential buyers will look for other offers.
Besides curb appeal, pressure washing can also help you maintain your home. By eliminating dirt and grime, the exterior surfaces will less likely decay or rot.
For additional protection, consider using the device in other areas around the home, such as on your verandah and driveway.
If mold is not removed from these areas, serious health problems will occur. Pressure washing requires a lot of planning. Also, you will need a quality power washing machine.

Be creative with paint
Because most homes are built with great materials, the brick, wood or siding usually remain in decent shape. However, to keep it looking great, specific paints must be used to enhance the beauty of the home. In most cases, you can give your home a new look by painting the shutters a different colour.
Usually, if the exterior surfaces have numerous cracks and blemishes, repainting the entire home is the best solution.
Painting the outside of a home is a huge project. This is why many people hire professionals. Although professionals produce excellent results, their services are not cheap you can save a lot of money by tackling this project with your friends and family.

Steel not glass doors
It is no surprise that having the best quality doors and windows possible is a key factor that will make your home more appealing.
But what is particularly surprising is that not all kinds of doors and windows are equally good investment options, for example while a fiberglass entry door will make your property look modern and appealing, a steel entry door is considered a better option probably because of the security it promises the property’s inhabitants.
Furthermore, you might think it best to go all out on new windows however it is more advisable to get windows that match in style and color.

Replace siding
Replacing weathered and damaged siding is not only going to ensure that your home looks amazing from the outside, but depending on the material you use it could prove to be a great investment too.
Vinyl siding is not just popular but also happens to be the most cost effective option for replacement. But other options such as metal, fiber-cement and wood are all good choices. The bottom line is that good-looking siding is going to help your property more appealing.

Upgrade your verandah
Everyone loves a lovely garden, but everyone prefers a great balcony from which to enjoy it.
The brilliant thing about adding a balcony to your home is that you will instantly create the base for an outside room, either as a relaxed an outside dining space or an informal outdoor living room, defining part of your balcony as an outside room will give occupants a real sense of how they can use the exterior space to the maximum.
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Keep your lawn immaculate
After a lawn is mowed, the cosmetic benefits are immediately noticed. This is possible because regular mowing keeps the grass even and neat.
There are other benefits to mowing the lawn as well. When grass is mowed, the lawnmower’s blades eliminate pests. If you mow regularly, there will be less ant beds on your property.
By keeping your landscaping sculpted and driveway free of cracks, your exterior looks well taken care of. A few other additions can elevate your compound and make it more appealing.
Firstly, opt for plants that are native to your area as they will require less attentive care than non-native plants, and remember that evergreen plants will provide your garden with interest and color all year round.
Secondly, plant trees; they are great for the environment and psychologically add a sense of permanence to your home. Thirdly, invest in high quality warm-toned outdoor lighting to help make your home look super inviting for after-hours visits. And lastly, if you have a heavily sloped front garden, consider tiered retaining walls and beds – nobody wants to think about mowing up a huge slope.