Does an interview panel need to know if I applied for other jobs?

Friday February 7 2020


By Caroline Mboijana

I was recently at an interview and got shocked when asked if I was applying for other jobs, and if I had received any offers? I wasn’t sure how to answer this question. Because I was afraid, they would eliminate me if they knew I was applying for other jobs. How am I supposed to respond to this question without losing an opportunity for a better job? Joy

Dear Joy,
Interviews are always tricky however I have found that if you stick to the truth and facts, with evidence of what you have actually achieved and you have answered the questions being asked, you will get through them without too much bother. This question is likely to be asked at the end of the interview and its very likely being asked by the interviewing panel because you have performed well and they are gaging the risk of “losing” you if they do not decide quickly on making you an offer.

Your success during interviews is unlikely to be dependent on how you answer this one question, but more likely based on your comprehensive performance in answering all the questions or assessments you have gone through. I would advise you to answer the question truthfully. If you have applied for other jobs respond in the affirmative and add that you are job hunting.

This response would be expected if on your CV you have been unemployed for a while and it is obvious you are job hunting. If on the other hand you are employed you can also state you are looking for other roles, with a reason why. It maybe because your current contract is coming up for renewal and you have decided to look for work in a different sector field; or the current project is coming to an end and you need to find alternative work. Your success or failure will be dependent on your comprehensive performance.

Caroline Mboijana
Managing Director
The Leadership Team (U)