Should I report my incompetent boss to HR manager?

Friday May 29 2020


By Jane Muiruri

Dear Jane,
I am a sales supervisor and my boss has been failing to meet his objectives and making us take the blame. I feel like he is taking advantage of us, but I’m unsure of what to do about it. My colleagues don’t think they have any choice but to take the blame, and they have refused completely to join me in confronting the boss about all this. As a supervisor, I feel that I must now take action. If I raise this issue with the HR team, won’t I be putting my job at risk? Is there any chance that my complaints will be kept confidential? Joan

Dear Joan,
Sales teams have strict revenue targets that are set annually. To monitor performance, this target can further be segmented to reflect daily targets. Each sales person must be fully aware of their objectives since this is the yardstick through which their performance will be measured.
However, there are other parameters used to determine performance. Client visits and number of conversions is one of them. Understanding clients’ needs and providing practical solutions go a long way in growing any organisation’s customer base.
Team management is another major determinant of whether you succeed in sales or not. If you want your team to deliver, you must motivate them by helping them brainstorm on new ideas, or by coming up with relevant self-development projects.

Do you have clear objectives in your role? Have you discussed these goals with your team? If you and your subordinates are meeting your objectives, I wonder why your boss’s performance is of any concern.

Focus on your job. Aim to serve clients satisfactorily, and make sure you meet your revenue targets every month.
Also, find out from your boss what specific areas you need to improve on. What sales reports does he expect from you?
Are you delivering on those? Are you meeting the stipulated deadlines? Remember that your boss relies on these reports to advise the management, and this can have an effect on the company’s overall performance.

Do you update him when you encounter challenges? Have you and your team collected all debts? Are you a team player? Do you contribute to departmental projects to increase revenue?

Develop a working relationship with him and seek to understand how he wants the work done, and then ask him to support you.


Jane Muiruri,
Senior HR Manager,
Nation Media Group