Are employees infected with Covid-19 catered for ?

Friday April 10 2020

Moses Ssesanga

Moses Ssesanga 

By Moses Ssesanga

My sector is among those allowed to work during the lockdown. If God forbid an employee got coronavirus in line of duty or on their way to work, is my company legally obligated to compensate and ensure they are well taken care of during treatment, including paying for private quarantine accommodation? Jolly

Dear Jolly, we are currently living in unique and very dangerous times courtesy of Covid-19! Whatever we had all along assumed to be the normal business as usual has been turned upside down and nobody can claim to have anticipated that our planet would be what it is now within the first 100 days of 2020!

Only God knew what He had in store for His creation. When the World Health Organsation declared Covid-19 a pandemic, many insurance companies sent out advisories to their clientele that their current medical covers will continue to pay for consultations, laboratory tests, medicines, admissions, etc.
However, should any of the covered clients happen to contract Covid-19, given the magnitude and claustrophobic nature the disease has assumed, the Government, through Ministry of Health (MOH), had already taken the lead in guiding the nation on how suspected and confirmed Covid-19 cases were to be dealt with.
Jolly, this therefore implies that the best way to defeat Covid-19 is to prevent infection by taking a personal responsibility to heighten the sanitation awareness in your home and workplace and, also to follow the Government and MOH guidelines on hygiene and prevention of infection. #Staysafe.

Moses Ssesanga
Head Human Resource
NMG - Uganda