Are online courses recognised by employers?

Friday July 26 2019

Caroline Mboijana

Caroline Mboijana 

By Caroline Mboijana

I am working upcountry far from any university thus I am unable to attend regular classes and yet I want to enroll for an MBA. Are online MBA’s recognised by employers in Uganda and if so, would you recommend me to join a university in India for the online MBA? Richard

Dear Richard,
Online educational programmes are more common than they used to be. These programmes are recognised in Uganda although you need to make sure the programme and the institution are both accredited.
I can not comment on the institution that you’ve mentioned. Before you make your final decision you’ll want to conduct some research. You should focus your search on two areas, your desired programme and the university.

A university may have the course you’re interested but you’ll need to look a little deeper. For example, you may want to check how long the programme has been running; what past students say about the programme; what experiences they talk about on social media; who the facilitators of the different modules are in the context of their profession.

All of this is public information on the internet. All this research can be done on the internet. While those questions look at the programme, the same questioning and research should be undertaken on the university.

How long has it been in existence; what is its ranking globally, what are their successes as well as challenges. Yours findings will inform your final decision.

An addition aspect for consideration is whether you are ready to undertake such a project. I know that studying online requires a significant amount of discipline and it can sometimes to be difficult to work and study online. Do the research then make the final decision.


Caroline Mboijana
Managing Director
The Leadership Team (U)