How best can staff members prepare for the uncertain future?

Friday May 8 2020


By Jane Muiruri

Before the coronavirus pandemic came about, I had a stable job. But even though I am still employed, I am very worried about what will happen during and after this pandemic. What is the best way for employed people like me to prepare for the future?

This Covid-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges whose effects are being felt globally. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. The ensuing situation has also presented unique opportunities that individuals and organisations will appreciate more after the pandemic is behind us.

Most employers have allowed their staff to work from home, which provides for better work-life integration, and this has created stronger family units and less time spent in traffic by employees looking to get to their workplaces.

Take this time to learn a new skill that will improve your productivity at work, or one that will benefit you and your family.

There are numerous online courses that are offered free that you can enrol for. You could also spice up your family life by learning some new recipes, and other skills such as baking or knitting.

On a personal level, try to save as much as possible and be frugal in your spending so that you are not caught flat-footed when times get harder.


Your employer might implement certain measures to keep the company afloat. Therefore, you need to prepare psychologically for these changes. Some, like temporary reductions on your salary, might affect you directly.

Assess your financial obligations and engage the respective financial institutions for possible moratoriums or restructuring of loans to ease your financial burden just in case your salary is reduced.

Engage HR and find out how many leave days you have left, and be aware that your employer might encourage you and your colleagues to take their paid leave days to reduce the burden of accrual when normalcy resumes.

After the pandemic most businesses will have reduced revenues, and there may be job losses. No individual is immune to this.

Jane Muiruri
Senior HR Manager,
Nation Media Group