How can HRs encourage response to internal adverts?

Friday May 10 2019


By Moses Ssesanga

In my company, few people respond to internal adverts, majority respond when the vacancy is opened to external applicants. How can HRs encourage employees to respond to internal job adverts. Andrew

Dear Andrew,
Organisations employ various ways to identify and resource for talent. The desired outcome of any resourcing strategy is to match persons with the desired and right knowledge, skills, attitude and passion, to the right jobs.

This process can take several ways but from your question, it seems that your organisation is trying to adopt a strategy of getting people into the company, let them adopt to the organisation’s culture and ways of working and, in future when vacancies arise, encourage voluntary redeployment and re-alignment of internal talent to the desired jobs.

Internal recruitment is a good HRM practice because it helps the employees to change careers into positions where they feel they are best suited and also serves the company well because it re-directs internal resources to where they are optimally utilised.

This would explain why your company first seeks internally, people who would prefer to change their careers through internal adverts. Ideally, the internal process should first fail to identify the desired resource before resorting to the external route.

Unfortunately, along the way, it appears that your organisation mismanaged the internal process leading to staff losing confidence and opting to prefer the external process to respond to recruitment ads. The disadvantage with this is that internal staff face stiff competition from the market for the available jobs.

Therefore, your HR department should take a critical review of internal resourcing with a view of building back staff confidence in the process because it eventually provides a win-win situation to both the employee and the organisation.

Moses Ssesanga
Head Human Resource
NMG - Uganda