How can I shine beyond my curriculum vitae?

Friday August 24 2018

Isaiah Kitimbo

Isaiah Kitimbo 

By Isaiah Kitimbo

I have been invited for a job interview. Although I have a good CV, I would like to know how I can shine beyond a CV. Please help. Paul

An invitation to a job interview is certainly the most exciting moment in a job seeker’s life and yet nerve-cracking. Irrespective of how many you have attended, every interview will absolutely be mocking, especially when you do not practice and only think that the CV and looks are enough to impress the employer. It is important nderstand how to exploit every opportunity.
Although the CV and the dress code can influence an employer’s decision to hire someone, the answers that the applicant provides during the interview will demonstrate what the employer is most interested in. This could reflect confidence, aggressiveness, skills and knowledge of the job.
Keep the answers precise. The employer wants to hear how you are suitable for the job, not an exhaustive account of your hobbies. This also saves you from falling into the trap of tilting the agenda.
Researching about the organisation profile can as well raise your chances. Things to look out for include company name, mission statement, vision and objectives, which are sometimes taken lightly yet they matter. You can go an extra mile to find out about the company products, services, markets, competitors, trends, current activities and priorities. Do not forget to peruse through related literature about the job offer.
Also talk about your accomplishments and previous achievements, which can qualify in real money terms may help catch the prospective employer’s interest.

Isaiah Kitimbo
HR Specialist & Journalist
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