How can I grab my Xmas job without serving notice?

Friday December 21 2018

Caroline Mboijana

Caroline Mboijana 

By Caroline Mboijana

I have landed on a job advert whose immediate starting date is January 1. That means I would have no time to serve my exit notice period of three months at my current work place if I got hired. This job will be an opportunity for me to start afresh in the New Year as my current job is very depressing and has no room for career growth, I am really fed up of being stagnant at my job, i am hungry for a fresh start and if I grab the opportunity, which I know I have high chances of getting, this will be my big break, what should I do? Flo

Dear Flo,
While it is exciting that you have found a role that fits your career path, it is important that you manage your exit in a professional manner. My advice is to negotiate with both parties. Speak with your future employer to advise on the required notice period, this speaks to your character of being open and transparent. Employers are conscious that one must work their notice. A good HR person will not demand an immediate start without taking that into consideration. In addition, you must also speak with your current employer and establish whether one can negotiate their notice period.

If you have annual leave that is earned and not taken, these days may be used to offset your notice period. Leaving without working your notice will paint you as an unprofessional employee.
As you think this through, keep in mind the future references from your current employer; how you manage your exit will come to mind and may cause you to receive unflattering references.
Furthermore, if your future employer observes you leaving in this manner, they may re-think your fit in their organisation and will question your integrity. If they value your potential, they will wait for you to join them appropriately.

Caroline Mboijana
Managing Director
The Leadership Team (U)
[email protected]