How do I get my employer to fund my studies?

Friday August 23 2019

Moses Ssesanga

Moses Ssesanga 

By Moses Ssesanga

I would like to go back to school to further my studies but do not have money. Some companies sponsor their employees’ education. How can I get my employer to help fund my studies? Juliet

Dear Juliet,
You are on the right track to seek to further your education and ultimately your career while working. It Is true many organisations sponsor their employees for further studies and this largely depends on the policies in their Human Resource manuals.

You didn’t mention whether your organisation has an HR manual or the provisions therein regarding staff education sponsorship. Nevertheless, your problem needs a well thought out sales pitch to your employer. You should as much as possible provide proof to your employer on how your contribution to the company’s bottom line will improve if you acquire the sponsorship for the training your desire.

Where possible, make use of any available HR analytics to support your sales pitch. You can quote examples of improved productivity where people who took up the kind of training you are seeking positively impacted their organisations. The more you make your sales pitch to resonate with your employer’s business objectives, the higher will be your chances of success.

This will mean linking the knowledge and skills you seek to acquire to the improvement of the sector or industry that is currently employing you and ultimately to the improved efficiencies and profitability of the business.

Move the conversation from tuition cost and highlight the return on investment and the value you will bring to the table as a result of the training.
Be ready to sign staff bonding forms should the employer ask you. This will build your employer’s confidence that you wont resign from your job immediately after graduating. Goodluck.


Moses Ssesanga
Head Human Resource
NMG - Uganda