How do I show a panel I am the best for a job?

Friday April 12 2019

Alice Nankya L. Nsibuka

Alice Nankya L. Nsibuka 

By Alice Nankya L. Nsibuka

At an interview I was asked why I am the best person for the job. The panel didn’t seem impressed by my answer. How best can one respond to this question? Pauline

Dear Pauline,
The interviewer’s job is to hire the best person since most of the candidates that make it to the interview stage are qualified for the job.
When an interviewer asks you, “Why should we hire you?” they are actually asking, “What makes you the best fit for this position? Why are you the best candidate for the job? Why do you think you’re the most qualified for this position? The rationale is to find out if indeed you have the best skills, qualifications, experience and attributes for this role.

Take a moment to research on the company and review the job description in relation to your CV/resumé and address questions like, what are the most important job requirements for this position?
These may include, types and amount of work experience, personal qualities, educational credentials and professional certifications. In which of the high lighted set of skills and attributes do you really shine? What are your most impressive accomplishments/success stories? What are your greatest strengths? Thus your response should be tailored to the job description and it should summarise the best top three/ four reasons with memorable descriptions/examples of why you should be hired.

The response should be concise preferably1-2 minutes and remember it’s also very important to come across as confident and enthusiastic.
The interviewer also wants to know if you can be a good team member thus the company corporate values should be reflected in your response.

Alice Nankya L. Nsibuka
HR business partner
NMG - Uganda