How do I ensure I succeed at my new job?

Saturday December 9 2017

Isaiah Kitimbo

Isaiah Kitimbo 

By Isaiah Kitimbo

I was promoted recently but my new position is so demanding. I am not looking at resigning as a solution as I want to do my best to succeed in my role. Please advise.

Being promoted to a senior position comes with bigger responsibilities. The actions and decisions made will obviously impact you and you will be judged in the process by all, even those who may not understand your work requirements.
Leadership can be likened to soccer where numerous comments and instructions are offered by fans, including those who just watch the game on TV.
But like a soldier at the battlefield, you need to remain steadfast. Draw up a plan to succeed. Do not give in to negativity.
If you make a mistake, be thankful it happened. And be ready to learn from it. After all, sometimes mistakes lead to perfection.

Knowing your internal strength is vital. Determine what you are good at and seek help in areas where you are facing challenges.
Do not fight useless battles; it is a waste of energy to fight or blackmail colleagues.
Engaging in fights and schemes is a risky venture. Your promotion does not guarantee job security. Therefore, use your position to promote teamwork and performance.

Always remember people who have supported your success. Turning against them makes you a loser.
Simply because you have got promoted does not grant you the luxury to disrespect your former colleagues.
Better still watch your steps up for you might need them on your way down.
Finally, love your job and not necessarily the company. The love for what you do should motivate you to perform even better, for you do not know when the company might stop loving you.

Isaiah Kitimbo
HR Specialist & Journalist
Monitor Publications Limited
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