How do I tell my boss I am quitting the company?

Saturday December 16 2017

HR Specialist & Journalist at Monitor

HR Specialist & Journalist at Monitor Publications Limited, Isaiah Kitimbo 

By Isaiah Kitimbo

I am required to start work within two weeks. I am, however, hesitate to inform my current supervisor about my exit. What should I do?

Finding new opportunities has always been a dream for many employees, especially young professionals and graduates.
They envisage it as an opportunity to explore their potential at a younger age before retiring to pursue individual interests.
Unfortunately, many offers are always timely; some hirers often need people, who are ready to start work immediately. This makes it harder for some employees to wait any longer.
Company separation is one of the things that many subordinates feel uncomfortable discussing with their superiors.

They prefer discussing with friends yet supervisors can be vital. Supervisors can be contacted by any prospective employer and their assessment can have a big impact.
Therefore, before you separate with your employer, it is crucial that you both discuss the subject carefully.
Many companies require that you sign a clearance form and be subjected to an exit interview while for some, your mere announcement is as good as saying goodbye.

Handling the exit professionally and tactfully helps you to cement future engagements should things backfire. This precisely explains why you should give notice.
Also, verbal resignation should be accompanied by a written resignation letter.
This should be precise and to the point. Seize the opportunity to get a reference letter from your employer. You never know when you might need it.

Isaiah Kitimbo
HR Specialist & Journalist
Monitor Publications Limited
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