Is salary increment enough to make one stay at a job?

Friday November 9 2018

Caroline Mboijana

Caroline Mboijana 

By Caroline Mboijana

I handed in my resignation but my supervisor refused to accept it and wants us to talk about it. The company has now offered to increase my salary. Is money enough to stay at a job? Leticia

Dear Leticia,
I am glad your supervisor wants to speak with you about your resignation. That is an indication that they understand what it means when someone resigns. The offer to increase your salary is affirmation that you have a skill and ability that it wants and needs. It could also mean that you have caught them off guard and they were not prepared. Nonetheless you are a valuable resource which they want to retain.
Money should not be the only motivator to stay in a job. It’s important to identify what caused you to resign in the first place. If you were resigning because the pay was not enough, now that you have more money, that hygiene factor has been addressed.

My experience money will never be enough to keep one motivated and engaged in the work place. You have to actually enjoy being at work, and doing. If its work that is making you unhappy then do something about it. Take the initiative to make it exciting, if what is being done is wrong or compromising then, make it right.

They way work is defined has changed and you have to be willing to learn, both from a technical and personal growth level. All these factors contribute to your relationship with the organisation, its work and its people. If money is your motivator then remain in the job, but be aware it’s a short term fix, eventually the extra money will not be enough. If your motivation to work is career then pick a job and organisation that will help you get to your ideal career. Be willing to put in the work, discretionary effort combined with the right attitude that will get you to your ideal career.

Caroline Mboijana
Managing Director
The Leadership Team (U) Ltd
[email protected]