Maintain a work-life balance during festive season

Friday December 21 2018

By Phionah Nassanga

It is that time of the year when partying and relaxing is at an all-time high. During this season, it is easy to get distracted by the overwhelming parties, shopping, travelling and other fun activities.
Barbara Katende, a life coach and financial consultant, says as many try to balance work and life, some tend to lose track of their work tasks.
“The festive season is quite tempting and distracting but all you need is proper planning,” Katende says.

Plan early
Always plan ahead of time, get to know what to do and when to do it.
That said, rescheduling your work plan during this period would not be a bad idea as long as you keep your boss informed. For instance, if you usually report to office between 8am and 9am, try arriving earlier. That way, you can use that one or two extra hours to complete your report, or pending assignments.
“It will help in reducing pressure and stress thus creating more time for all your other activities such as shopping and meeting with friends,” she says, adding: “Handle one activity at a time; do not think f shopping, attending an end of year party and then visiting relatives or doing charity on the same day or in one week. That will get you overwhelmed.”

Work on your end of year projects early
Edward Kyamanywa, CEO Kyamaywa and co-advocates, notes that it is hard to keep up with everything during this time of the year but working on your office projects early enough will save you from excessive pressure from your bosses and clients. Failing to work on your projects as expected mightgive you a bad image
“Ask your boss about the various projects you are supposed to work on as well as their urgency. That will help you work with a deadline in mind and you will prioritise better,” Kyamanywa advises.

Do not over commit
Kyamanywa says for any projects you cannot handle, do not commit as this will slow down work and affect your clients. Know you limits, this will save from any form of pressure either from your bosses, family or friends.
“Sometimes you need to say no to some things, especially those that you think are distracting. Like the constant partying and the endless outings with friends.”

Ask for a few days off work
Instead of getting distracted and less productive, ask your bosses for a few days out of your busy work schedule. Joseph Wanda of Research World, thinks this will help you refresh and help you deal with other activities. However, he says this must not take long; two to three days should be enough. Do not find any excuses to keep you away from work.
“Remember, as much as it is partying time and the year is coming to an end, you will still need that job come January and your productivity during this month matters,” he says.
He adds that just in case the company is carrying out a restructuring at the beginning of the year, your efforts might save you. You have a life to live but your work also matters a lot.

Make daily reminders
At this time of the year, you might have a million tasks to carry out. In order not to lose track of your work, Samuel Kisakye of HIL consults, says: “Write in your notebook or put a sticky note on your work desk or computer regarding tasks to do. This will help you know what has to be done and at any given time.”

Assess yourself

Take note of your daily accomplishments during this season. “Review your level of productivity every day, find out if you have attended to all your clients, handed in your assignments. In case you have failed to accomplish any task, then find out what the problem must have been,”advises Samuel Kisakye of HIL consults.