My parents are stressing me about getting a job

Saturday December 9 2017

Solomon Muhiirwa

Solomon Muhiirwa 

By Solomon Muhiirwa

I graduated recently and have been searching for a job. However, my parents are always asking me “any good news; every time I return home. This has become a stress factor and I am beginning to hate myself. Would you please advise how I can tell them to stop without sounding rude. Karen

Family pressure is a hard-to-ignore factor for many jobless people. The anxiety of your parents is understandable and they care about you but their persistent inquisitiveness is turning into fully blown stress.
This is one of the first indicators that you are now in the real working world.

Going forward, the pressure you are experiencing from your parents is going to be replicated in different formats.
For example pressure to leave home, to get married, to construct a house, to upgrade qualifications and have children, among others.
This is attributed to the fear of the future that is ingrained in our affluent culture.

Parents are not perfect and some of them are unreasonably overzealous, but most are incredibly generous though you may not have figured it out yet.
If you want to reverse this trend, you need to show them your determination and a concrete plan that leads you somewhere, it may be difficult for them but they will support you at the end as long as results come.

Sit down and talk about what you feel and how their conduct is not helping matters.
They are much more likely to listen if your approach is mature and reasonable, and you will need to listen to their concerns and be prepared to make compromises where it is necessary.
This is also going to teach you how to pitch your ideas, which is an invaluable life skill.

Solomon Muhiirwa
Human Resource Manager
NTV Uganda
[email protected]