My supervisor refuses to confirm me, what do I do?

Friday August 24 2018

Head human resource at Monitor Publications

Head human resource at Monitor Publications Limited, Moses Ssesanga,  

By Moses Ssesanga

I completed my mandatory probation period but my supervisor is reluctant to authorise my confirmation yet she seems happy with my work. How can the HR help me? Julia

Dear Julia,
Appointment on probation is intended to help new employees to get acquainted with the operations of the company, learn their responsibilities in the new job and also prove to the employer they are worth the money they get paid for their services and therefore valuable as talent to the organisation. The probation period is actually a learning period for both the employee and the employer.
There are however provisions in the law that govern the probationary contracts which unfortunately your supervisor and HR (human resource) manager seem ignorant of.
The Employment Act of 2006 specifies the probation period to be a maximum of six months and can only be extended beyond this period by agreement of the employee.
The HR manager should have long advised your supervisor that she is breaking the law by unreasonably withholding your confirmation after serving the company for over a year.
You should approach the HR manager and bring to his or her attention of section 67 of the Employment Act and politely inform him that the law is being violated in your case by them withholding your confirmation.
Should this fail to produce the required results, you should approach the Labour Office in your area who will surely take up your case with your employer.

Moses Ssesanga
Head Human Resource
Monitor Publications Limited
[email protected]