Should I quit my job and focus on paying gigs?

Friday January 4 2019

Moses Ssesanga, Head Human Resource Monitor

Moses Ssesanga, Head Human Resource Monitor Publications Limited 

By Moses Ssesanga

Most times my side gigs are more paying than my main job. They are not constant, and are hobbies unrelated to my job but big savers. I am confused. Should I quit and focus on gigs or balance the two? Julie

Dear Julie,
Consider yourself blessed among many that you have identified what you call side gigs, which are in effect your hobbies and they even often times pay you better than what you call your main job. This means that you are being paid to do something you can actually do for free, simply because you love doing it! Many people have hobbies but they do not earn from them. They do them because they are passionate about them.

They continue showing up to work on their jobs in body, because the jobs pay the bills but their minds and passion are always on their hobbies. They watch the clock and the moment its 5pm, they are off to their hobbies.
In the long run, they get frustrated, stressed and at times get physically sick at their work because their passions are elsewhere.

When you start earning from your hobbies, then you have identified pursuits where you are paid without working, that is, people who are paid for doing what they love doing are actually not working. They are playing! They never get stressed or frustrated. They are constantly engaged, highly productive and very successful.
Because they are constantly engaged, money simply follows them. They end up being genuinely happy.
Julie, my advice is that you start planning to spend more of your time developing your revenue earning hobbies and eventually turn them into the main gig!
Happy New Year!

Moses Ssesanga
Head Human Resource
NMG - Uganda
[email protected]