What should I do about my boss deterring my growth?

Friday November 9 2018

Moses Ssesanga

Moses Ssesanga  

By Moses Ssesanga

I desire to grow and become diverse in my knowledge. However, every time an opportunity for a conference or seminar comes up, my boss bars me even when I have time. What can I do? Cathy

Dear Cathy,
Every employee ordinarily seeks to develop themselves in their careers. Allowing people to attend conferences, meetings and trainings is one of the most effective and even cheaper tools employers use to develop and grow leadership skills but also to retain talent. Its therefore absurd that your boss/leader is standing in your quest to develop and better yourself.
As I have written on this page before, the situation you are describing is a manifestation of leadership capability gaps in your organisation and specifically, in your supervisor.
She was not adequately prepared to take over leadership and management of people before she was appointed your supervisor.
A leader’s major role in any organisation is to remove barriers to performance and create enablers for the people they lead to release their potential to perform to their best. These leadership skills have to be purposely imparted through training and exposure of these supervisors and managers before they are appointed to lead others.
My advice is that you are in charge of your career development.
The organisation you work for only facilitates this development where possible, or where it has identified obvious and costly performance gaps.
If you have realised that your boss is the blocker to your career development, then its time you undertook to personally invest in yourself to attend such conferences and trainings at your cots and in your free time.

Moses Ssesanga
Head Human Resource
NMG - Uganda
[email protected]