What should I do if my current job no longer inspires me?

Friday April 10 2020


By Jane Muiruri

I am an office clerk who writes and fills clients’ reports, and I have been doing this job for the last three years. When I started out, I was excited. I love writing and enjoyed filling in the clients’ details. But now the excitement is gone. I struggle to get myself to go to work every morning. Is this a cue that I need to try something new? Ruth

Dear Ruth, You need to find out what went wrong and caused you to lose your initial zeal for the role. Are there unresolved issues in your personal life that may have affected your drive? How do you relate with your colleagues and boss?
How is the work environment and ethic at your workplace? Are you constantly looking outside for better opportunities? This could be the source of frustration. Yours is a routine role. Do you perceive it to be monotonous? Don’t limit yourself. You are in a good position to mine and access valuable data from clients, but ensure that you adhere to the Data Protection law.

This data can help the management make more informed business decisions. Do some of your colleagues need a helping hand in executing their roles? You might find that some are actually overwhelmed by their current responsibilities. You could also be shocked that if your boring job was to be advertised, hundreds of candidates would apply and accept up to half of what you currently earn as a salary. Or do you feel that you’ve outgrown the role? The best person to have this discussion with is your supervisor.

You might learn that there are weaknesses that you need to improve on to move to the next level, or that you have gained enough experience and expertise, and are ready to take up more complex roles. Have you considered that you could be overworking and denying yourself the much needed work-life balance? This could be the reason you are fatigued and unable to wake up early. Manage your time and create time to rest and rejuvenate. You should be cautious about your behaviour at work because your lack of enthusiasm might be viewed as a negative attitude, and could lead to your sacking.

Your best option is to either find out what the real cause of your frustration is and resolve it quickly, or look for another exciting role instead of living a life of misery.

Jane Muiruri
Senior HR Manager,
Nation Media Group