What should I do to ensure that I finally get a job this year?

Friday January 31 2020

Jane Muiruri, Senior HR Manager-NMG

Jane Muiruri, Senior HR Manager-NMG  

By Jane Muiruri

I am a trained nutritionist but I have been unemployed since I left university eight years ago. I am very frustrated. I have been forced to do menial jobs such as washing cars just to pay my bills. It pains me that my former classmates have advanced so much in their careers, yet mine is yet to take off. I am depressed and I cry all the time because I am lonely. Every woman I approach asks me if I am financially stable and this has made me lose my self-esteem. What should I do to ensure that I find employment this year?

You are sitting on a gold mine. This is one profession that is useful and required in many institutions including hospitals, schools and universities, hotels, and health clubs.

I note that you have not practiced for a long time and therefore a lot might have changed since you left school. You may need to consider upgrading your skills so that you can compete favourably against the fresh graduates in nutrition.

Have you ever offered yourself to volunteer in a hospital, school or health club? You could also consider teaching part time in a college that offers the course, which could be an opportunity for you to further polish your skills. The internet has a lot of valuable information on nutrition, and this could also be an alternative resource for learning.

Have you tried reconnecting with your former university classmates? Networking with them could help you get updates on the various job openings, or recommendations to other organisations that may be interested in your expertise. Those who have so far excelled in their careers could provide the mentorship you need.

What social platforms do you frequently visit? I advise you to join LinkedIn, a professional forum where potential employers search for suitable candidates. Once you join, invite fellow nutritionists and potential recruiters to increase your chance of getting either a job or an internship.


East Africans especially the middle class, are increasingly becoming conscious about their health. You could even get a job as someone’s personal nutritionist. Start by offering nutritional advice within your social circles before you spread your wings.

Jane Muiruri
Senior HR Manager,
Nation Media Group