What should I do to get a job that fits my qualifications?

Friday September 6 2019

Moses Ssesanga

Moses Ssesanga 

By Moses Ssesanga

I have a Master’s degree in Management from University of Italy but have failed to get a job that fits my profile and qualification. What are the tools I can use to ensure I get a job that fits my career? Arafat

Dear Arafat,
The 4th Industrial Revolution commonly known as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has disrupted several jobs, especially the “repetitive” jobs--those jobs whose tasks can be easily automated like robots are doing in factories. AI has also potentially replaced many “white-collar” jobs in various fields,- including but not limited to accounting, healthcare, marketing, law, hospitality, and management.

According to Tradeschools.Net, the jobs of the future are Solar Energy Technicians, Wind Energy Technicians, Nurse Practitioners, Software Developers/Coders, Physical Therapists, Registered Nurse (RN),Health Services Managers, Data Analysts. The job sectors that are currently growing and are also expected to flourish in the future are Energy, Media, Consumer retail, Construction, Hospitality, Personal Finance and Real estate.

What is important to note however, is the fact that the job sectors mentioned above that are expected to register job losses will actually experience job growth, not in spite of AI, but through AI. This implies that those job sectors, when they learn, adapt and begin to leverage AI, they will instead register growth.

In your case, this means that if you explored creatively how you would leverage AI and identify the new skills you will need to learn to harness AI into your already acquired knowledge of an MA in Management, you will see your career take off in a new direction.

The tools you should seek should be those that can hone your already existing body of knowledge into creating a service and then offer it in a simpler, better and faster way.


Moses Ssesanga
Head Human Resource
NMG - Uganda