Why are Xmas vouchers given out segregatively?

Friday December 21 2018

Moses Ssesanga, Head Human Resource Monitor

Moses Ssesanga, Head Human Resource Monitor Publications Limited 

By Moses Ssesanga

Just like most companies, the one I work for gives Christmas shopping vouchers, for which I am grateful. However, the inequality in the distribution is unfair. Senior employees who earn higher salaries get higher figures while those of us who earn less, get vouchers that are worth one item or two in the high-end supermarkets that give out these vouchers. Then freelance staff whose earning is lower and irregular, do not get even the low figure vouchers. Isn’t this part of what makes employees feel less valued? Julie

Dear Julie,
It is a fantastic gesture that your company is actively promoting the Christmas cheer among staff by issuing shopping vouchers to its employees. The shopping vouchers are meant as a token of appreciation to employees and also to complement the staff‘s family Christmas shopping.
Believe it or not, many companies have not been able to do the same for their employees because of the tough times businesses in Uganda have endured during 2018. I know some companies that are still struggling to find money to pay their employees in time for Christmas.

Concerning the distribution of the vouchers, this being a gift from the employer, it is incumbent upon the giver to reward their employees according to the criteria they have set. Ideally, everybody should be given the same amount of money to spend but as I have intimated, gifts are like benefits. They are never given in equal measure across the board. The giver decides who to gift bigger or more value in gifts. Some people by the nature of their positions are given better or more benefits than others.
The same applies to salaries and virtually everything valuable on this planet. That’s the reality.
Merry Christmas.

Moses Ssesanga
Head Human Resource
NMG - Uganda
[email protected]