Why am I only considered for sit-ins, not promotions?

Friday August 9 2019

Moses Ssesanga

Moses Ssesanga 

By Moses Ssesanga

I am always asked to sit-in for my colleagues and those in higher positions. Last month someone quit and I was asked to hold fort. However, when it was time to permanently fill in the position, they hired someone else. Why do they keep passing me over? Peter

Dear Peter,
You should by now have realised sitting in for someone doesn’t always guarantee you taking up the position when it falls vacant. You must first have proven yourself to your employer as the best fit.

You should have an honest examination of yourself and share what you discover with a few of your trusted and close colleagues, and ask them to give their honest opinions about you on the following areas in your work life. However, when you get validation that you have ticked all the boxes and still not considered for the promotion, then consider going to where you will be valued.

You should bear in mind that what makes that difference on which employee gets that coveted promotion is:
•The one who thinks in terms of solutions to identified problems rather than focusing on the problems themselves.
•The one who always meets and exceeds their deliverables and also work on personally improving themselves.
•The one who takes feedback seriously and works on it. Feedback is very difficult for many people to feel comfortable and easy with. However, you should know that smart and successful leaders have feedback for breakfast.
•The one who delivers outside of their job description or what’s assigned, ie that employee who willingly offers to take on more than they have been allocated.
•The one who thirsts and keeps on learning about everything that goes on in the organisation. Informed and productive employees are very versatile and resilient. They are gems for their employers and they progress faster in the ranks then their colleagues.

Moses Ssesanga
Head Human Resource
NMG - Uganda