Will it be traitorous of me to accept this new job offer?

Friday June 26 2020


By Jane Muiruri

Dear Jane,
My boss offered me a job when I really needed one. I did not meet the education requirements for the job but he believed in my passion and experience.
A certain company is offering me a better salary package and working terms.
I feel that I need to advance my career, but each time I decide to talk to him about it, I feel guilty. Will leaving make me an ungrateful person? Loyce

Dear Loyce,
Education is necessary since it forms the required foundation to excel in any profession.
It is however not always the only factor that is considered in making the decision to promote an employee, that is why irrespective of graduates acquiring knowledge, during search for employment, employers insist on experience before one is considered for a position in the organisation.
Your case is therefore replicated in most organisations. Your boss must have keenly observed you and realised that you have expertise in a specific area despite lacking the papers required to qualify for the job you got.
That said, it does not mean that you are expected to forever feel indebted to your boss - you deserved that job.

If the new offer will expose you to different experience and better opportunity in terms of career growth, you should embrace it without any feeling of remorse.
For him to offer you the job, he had faith in your ability and therefore has your best interests at heart in terms of career progression.
It is therefore unlikely that he will be disappointed if you were to take a better opportunity elsewhere.

Gather courage and discuss with your boss this new opportunity to advance your career, since you may wish to retain him as your mentor.
It will also be a good idea to request him to be your referee since he is aware of your capability and competencies. You will also be a good brand ambassador of your current organisation because of the manner in which they have treated you as an employee.
Any good boss is always happy when the employees under him prosper in their career journey, since it is a reflection of their leadership and mentorship skills.

Jane Muiruri,
Senior HR Manager,
Nation Media Group