Isn’t it unfair to fire me over asking for salary increment?

Friday April 19 2019


By Alice Nankya L. Nsibuka

I asked for a salary raise and threatened to leave when the company rejected my request, now the boss wants to fire me. Isn’t that unfair and illegal? Resty

Dear Resty,
Salary negotiations, by nature, are tense. However, approaching it with a sense of calm and cordiality can ease the tension. Being denied a pay rise can be disappointing and frustrating.

However, it is important to keep calm and recognise that this is a crucial time in your career. Try to understand your company culture, market conditions and the employer’s needs and objectives. Follow up and find out if you did not get a clear reason for the “no”.

If you are unsuccessful negotiating, it’s still a win, because you most likely gained information that you can leverage on in the future. This might include the financial situation of your company, your skills gap, and what you need to do before revisiting the salary conversation with your manager.

Remember at this point, you should only focus on your performance and avoid comparing yourself to co-workers, which may only lead to anger, frustration, and feelings of helplessness. For instance, you may wonder why John got a promotion yet he is always late at work. Concentrate on your performance and work with your manager to ensure you are focusing on the right goals.

Consider channelling your actions toward being an unforgettable team member and go an extra mile to deliver top results. If you have a solid benefits package and if there is a growth opportunity that will further your career, it may still be worth staying with your company rather than looking elsewhere for a bigger paycheck.

Alice Nankya L. Nsibuka is a HR business partner NMG - Uganda