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Ugandan musicians and who they are like

Sunday March 15 2009

By Fiona Natukunda

The entertainment industry in Uganda has grown over time. This is because of exposure through the media. But also, it is because of the admiration our stars have of international celebrities like Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Shaggy, Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie.

Qute Kaye, you will realise, is just like a younger Craig David. He is a ladies man just like Craig and he will leave many women swooning and screaming his name. Everybody remembers his first song Ginkeese regardless of how many songs he has sang after.

Cindy is the Kelly Rowland (former member of Destiny's Child) of Uganda. Just like Kelly, Cindy has become bigger than before when she seemed to be the third wheel in Blu*3. She is doing quite well on her own and nothing is going to hold her down if she keeps doing her thing right. Her 2008 release Mbikooye seemed to be a favourite for many. She also released a song with the Nigeria-based identical twins Peter and Paul popularly known as P Square last year.

Phina Mugerwa, the lady behind the hit song Masanyalaze, has proved to be like Shakira. You have to see her dance just once to see the connection. I bet she has all Shakira’s videos and practices to them. She knows how to wriggle her waist just like the Colombian singer and leaves many yearning for more because she is good. I believe she dances better than the way Beyonce did in her video of Beautiful Liar.

Grace Nakimera has proved to be the Kat Deluna of this country’s music industry. She has come back with a bang. She is sexy, can sing, and knows how to shake her body. The Anfukuula star’s music has enjoyed ample airplay on radio stations. The award she scooped at the Pam Awards last year was because of her hard work.

The Ugandan girl group the Obsessions is identical to the American girl group the Pussycat Dolls. The makeup, hairstyles and dress code say it all. They wear a lot of makeup; have their own unique hairstyles, and love exposing lots of flesh. That aside, they have achieved success in their albums. Some of the hit songs of the Obsessions are Jangu, I’ll do and Wekume. The Pussycat Dolls are also behind hits like Stick with You, Don’t Cha, When I Grow Up, I Hate this Part and Buttons. Both groups have however been criticised for their explicit dance routines and truth be told, Obsessions seem to be waning.

When it comes to Michael Ross, we all know who he is. The Nalulungi star is an Usher wannabe. He can sing and when it comes to dancing, he does try. The fact is that Usher will always be a legend when it comes to dance and Michael Jackson the master.

GNL aka Ernest Zamba, the luga flow star, is very good at what he does. When you compare him to Busta Rymes, you see that the two stars put a lot of energy into their music. Their music is loved by the fans. Both have won awards and GNL carried home an award at the Pam Awards last year for his hit song Soda Jingale. He is behind hit songs like Mr Right with Mowzey and Weasel and Saloon with Navio.

Pablo, the Barbed Wire star, has proved to be the Chris Rock of Uganda. Funny is what he is. For those who cannot make it without a dose of his jokes, he is also a presenter at Power FM. The comedian has gained fame thanks to Theatre Factory and NTV for his funny songs and realistic stories.

You will have to agree with me that Juliana Kanyomozi is our Whitney Houston. She has a powerful voice and is a legend in the Ugandan music industry. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Whitney is the most awarded female artiste of all time. Juliana has won herself quite a number of awards and she broke the record last year when she was the first female to take home an award for being the Artiste of the Year. Listening to the penetrating voices of Whitney and Juliana makes one appreciate the beauty of music. It is proof that there are people out there who can really sing.