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Q&A: I had a crush on Yata and Karitas’

Friday November 27 2009

Tom Mayanja aka Da Mith is a hip hop artiste with Klear Kut. He spoke to Emmanuel Makeri about his crushes and best reading style then.

Did you have any reading style that made you remember things easier?
For the most part, I was studying subjects that I loved, so I was eager to read them or revise for those exams. Now, the ones that I hated, honestly, I’d read as much as possible but never at 5a.m like some do. I would do my best. At the end of the day, that’s all we have to do, do our best.

Did you have crushes on chicks in school? If so, which one do you remember most?
Oh, most definitely! I had a crush on Barbara Yata and Karitas Karisimbi. They never liked me though because they were classes ahead of me. Oh how things have changed now…

Which high schools did you attend?
I was in Kibuli then Hillside International (Bunamwaya).

What is your funniest high school memory?
We were playing football during class time and were chased down the hill by the headmaster, Mr James Park. A friend of mine who everyone called Big Eddie rolled all the way down the hill.

What other co-curricular activities did you engage in apart from music?
I was really into basketball and rugby.

When did you start singing? Did it influence your school life?
I started writing my rhymes in 1998 with some friends. It didn’t influence my school life as such; it just made me focus more on what I had to do.

Did you ever write love letters? Which one is most memorable?
I wrote one but before I sent it to the girl, her brother, who was like two classes ahead of me, got it… I’ll just say it was never delivered and she and I never talked again. I have never written another such letter in my life. He put the fear of God in me.

Which girls’ school rocked in your teen years?
I love the ladies, so to me, every girl’s shule rocked. Even shules where the girls had short hair, they all rocked…

Where did you guys hang out in your teens?
Places like DV8, Jokers, Chaos and Cineplex along William Street.

What is your dream car?
Being a big guy, I love my space. So my dream car is a Maybach.

What was prom or sosh like in your school?
We never had prom or sosh in Hillside, but we had dances every end of term. They were nothing but kavuyo.

Which school would you perform at given the chance?
I’d perform in any school, but Hillside most. That’s where I started performing. To me it would be like a homecoming of sorts.

Which artiste did you look up to as a teen?
Perfect Generation, Prim and Propa, Lyrical G. Sylvester and Abramz, M.C Afrik and Chain; internationally, it was Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G and Snoop Dogg.

What is the hardest punishment you got in school?
I was suspended for “torturing” some dude in my class once. After that, I kind of went under the radar and never got caught again.

Which subject did you find challenging in school and why?
Physics. I guess it’s because I never liked it.

What was your favourite subject?
Literature, Economics and Business Management.

Which school uniform did you like most and why?
The Hillside uniform. First, because it was a basic white shirt and grey or black trousers, depending on the level. Secondly, it never had a badge, so I could pretend to be from any school.

What was your most embarrassing moment in school?
Once I was playing basketball, trying to impress a girl, but the court was wet and I didn’t know. I had the most epic fall known to man. She never even told me her name!

What’s your message to teens out there?
In anything they want to do, they should be patient. That doesn’t apply to only rappers out there but teens as a whole.