I regret not showing someone how much I loved them-Nasir Nasser

Sunday July 26 2020

Nasir Nasser

Nasir Nasser 

By Isaac Ssejjombwe

Why did you pick an interest in photography…?
I did 3D Animation and Movie Effects under the Makerere- Digimination UK course, and we had a semester covering photography. It is then that I picked interest in photography and I was good at it going by my results of the semester.
Which personalities have you taken photos of…?
Many including MP Nsereko Muhammad, Mayor Kampala Central Sserunjogi Charles Musoke, UK celebrated DJ Shady, BBC DJ Black Madonnachi, Bryan Ahumuza of Abryanz, stylist Kim Swagga, and Sheila Gashumba.
First thing you do in the morning…
I wake up early in the morning to prayer and I follow it up by checking my to-do list app on my phone.

First thing you do when you get to work..
I start off on the pending projects from the previous day before embarking on the day’s work.
Earliest childhood memory..
Having to share my video games with children form my whole neighbourhood. They lined up like they were going to vote but it was fun and full of love.
First best friend…
Nshuti at Kisaasi College in O-Level but I lost contact with him.
First kiss…
It was with a girl called Sheila from our neighborhood in my Primary Seven vacation.
We liked each other but she was a class ahead of me. We kissed outside their gate and I remember her telling me to close my eyes and get lost in the process. It was my first time and I didn’t know what to do. She realised it and told me “close your eyes and get lost”. Indeed I got lost in the moment.
First book you read…
It was the Yasaluna, an Islamic book that teaches Arabic and prepares you to read the Holy Koran.
What book are you reading now…?
I read “On this Road” my manuscript that is about to be published. It is a quotation guide.
First job...
I worked in the data management department at Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries.
Your first salary…
Current job?
I’m the proprietor Nasir Nasser Photography Brand house, a director in the umbrella corporation Africa, an IT and digital marketing scheme as well as an art director.
What do you like about your job
I exercise my creativity and make priceless memories of love.
Most memorable experience…
I was in A-Level and appointed to head the prefectorial body as Routine prefect. So, I had crushed on a Senior Five girl. She was beautiful, intelligent and so reserved that she had turned down most of the boys at school. So, I approached her and told her about my feelings. She welcomed me but we agreed that we could not date at school. We could do so away from school.
We met again on one of my photography gigs at an introduction ceremony. It took me some time to enter the room where she was. She laughed at me but after the gig, I mustered confidence and entered the room. I got in touch with her and we started dating. She is the best thing that happened to me.
Biggest regret in life?
Not showing someone how much I loved them and talking about it still hits me. I spent much of my time minding about my success and family problems, in the process this left the love of my life hurt.

Best advice...
My in-law, a loving and generous hajjat talked to me like she knew what I was going through. She advised me not to judge people by their status quo because God changes it any time.