I get free gigs courtsey of Diane

Sunday August 25 2019




How do you describe Diane?
She is outspoken, fun-loving and friendly.

What is your earliest memory of her?
The first Christmas after our mother’s death, she took on the role of our mother. She went to the kitchen, and ordered us to bring ingredients and kitchen utensils, she went ahead to ask each one of us the kind of food we wanted. She made a variety and we enjoyed. She tried to fit in mother’s shoes.

What nickname did you have for her?
Ekidiana because she was swift and all around. She was compared to the Dyna vehicles which were popular that time and were used for different kinds of work.

What was she most scared of?
Canes, whenever we did wrong, she would send me to have my ‘share’ first.

What is the craziest thing she did as a child?
She frequently moved without permission. She once escaped from home to attend President Museveni’s rally at Kakyeeka Stadium in Mbarara.


What is the craziest thing you did as a child?
Diane was in Primary Seven vacation and I was in Primary Five. We walked more than 30 kilometres from Rubare Town to Ntungamo Town. This was after our father saw us in a vehicle from home (Kyempene) en route to Mbarara. He ordered us out of the vehicle and told us to go back home. We instead walked up to Ntungamo and boarded to Kinoni where we had a farm and our aunt lived. She cleared our fare and we reached Mbarara.

Did you ever team up to fight someone?
Yes, we always turned against anyone who dared to stop us from fighting.

What is her favourite outfit?
Jeans with T-shirts.

How often do you meet?
Almost daily, from work she always passes by my shop.

Were you always friends?
Yes, but we always fought.

How does it feel like to have a popular sister?
Great, people always mistake me for Diane. Also, because I am a sister of a celebrity I enjoy free entrance to shows.


How would you describe Angel?
She is hustler, business-oriented and God-fearing.

What nickname did you have for her?
Matukure. My mother called her by that name but I do not know why.

What was she scared of most?

What is the craziest thing she did as a child?
We were fighting for milk at home and she poured it on my face.

What is the craziest thing you did together?
Stealing mangoes from All Saints Church farm in Mbarara. We used to stray from home for the mangoes.

Did you team up to fight someone?
Yes, I remember one day, I got a cake disappointment. Someone claiming to work for a certain company in Kampala duped us to make for us cake for a big function in Mbarara. I later exposed her on social media and her and group threatened to come to Mbarara and attack me. I told my sister, she dared them to come and promised to send them to hell. She said she was waiting for them at Amahembe g’ente Roundabout. And the rest is history.

What is her favourite outfit?

How often do you meet?
At least thrice a week. It is by coincidence that she works in town and I get myself passing by her shop almost every day.

Were you always friends?
No, we became friends when we grew older but our childhood was full of fights.

What is your earliest memory of her?
I don’t remember what she had done to me but I beat her so bad and later threw her on my mother’s bed, and it broke. I took countless canes that day.