The way we think

Sunday August 2 2020

A man wearing ripped jeans. Such trousers are

A man wearing ripped jeans. Such trousers are trendy. PHOTO/NET 

Afriend was moving house and I called her to check how she was doing. Of course with the pandemic situation, frustration is on the menu. No one wants to move unless they tell you that your home will be demolished in a month’s time.

With a sigh of relief she said it was all done, with minor hiccups here and there. She then started laughing, remembering a funny incident when she went to take a shower .

Forgetting where her shower gel was, she then laughed even more telling me that she remembered having a few pieces of soap bars tucked in her linen bedding to give a nice fragrance. So she got one out to use instead of the shower gel. Imagine rubbing the soap on the loofah to produce foam, just like years ago, she continued laughing and the story ended there.

I did not comment on my friend’s story. Not because I did not have something to say, but I was not sure how she would have felt after hearing that I only used soap bars.

The good old soap bars, and that I think shower gel could not clean as good as a soap bar. I always believed that natural bars made out of organic and herbal ingredients, have less chemical content. In the long run, the contents can harm and cause the skin to dry. But I am sure she must have her own reasons for preferring to switch to the gel, and it looked very unlikely that I could change her mind.

So while I was thinking how differently we could think about the same subject, it also struck me how we seem to follow trends.


The trends that take us to what we call advancement, or being modern and up to date. The soap bar is just one example, in the same line, are other items that were used by our grandparents and seem so old fashioned these days. If you closely examine their hair, skin and teeth, before being contaminated by today’s chemicals, the results were better.
The same goes for cooking, a jump from cooking on fire to cooking in a micro wave. No wonder when people feel like having a good meal they turn to the good old fire to roast and cook, producing amazing taste and aroma.

I remember there was a time, men would not go out of the house with poorly ironed trousers. If there was a hole in the shirt or pants, even a small one, it would be removed from the word robe. Today, people pay heavily to buy torn Jeans, torn, and as I do not own one, yet, I keep wondering if at some point the torn part will fall off?
It is all part of a bored world moving on, once we mocked torn trousers, now we love them, what will happen tomorrow? No one knows.