A tribute to you, Ann Kyohairwe Muhangi

Sunday April 5 2020

Rest in peace: Ann Kyohairwe Muhangi. Courtesy

Rest in peace: Ann Kyohairwe Muhangi. Courtesy photo 

By Jayne Nakato

Like a child, you always had questions just about anything. You always called it “throwing a spanner in the works”. Because of your passion for reading, we at the Readers’ Table were blessed to make your acquaintance.

It wasn’t just about books with you. Reflections, zeal for life, style! Yes you loved style. You enjoyed looking good and it showed. We all struggled together when that topic of minimalism came up at the Table. “How will I get rid of all my shoes?”, you said. Your beautiful shoes that you’d kick off, cross your legs and comfortably engage in the Table discussions.

You, President of our Heritage Investment Club! A leader, fired-up, go-getter! You united us, encouraged us. Sometimes you’d send a private message, or call...just to know how we were doing.
You, the President of the Rotary Club of Acacia Sunset. The sun has set with you, Ann Muhangi.

You, the recent graduate, a confirmed life coach. We didn’t even have time to celebrate that achievement! I remember meeting you “in class” - you were taking your online class. I wondered where you got the time to do everything. Little did I know, that you were given that time by our maker, and that you used it the way you were meant to.

The Unplug forum, where you encouraged us to unplug all that was going on in our “life-drainage”. I wish we had been there to help YOU unplug!

The Readers’ Table, yours and our weekly sanctuary. Where, despite all the world’s turmoils, was where you, us and everyone were allowed to be ourselves, to be vulnerable. No judgements. Where we called ourselves “weird”.


Ann, who are you going to be weird with? Who? You didn’t say goodbye. You sneaked out. Just sneaked out! Just like that!
Richard and the kids... did you sneak out on them as well? Do you notice my anger? Our despair? I know not, who to direct it to, but I’m sure God needed you to carry on your beautiful work, alongside the angels.

Ann, you have clearly been in the vortex. Yes, things have been working out for you. You have touched so many lives - young and old. Through life coaching, you have reached out, not only to us, but to yourself as well.

Your personal retreats from where you’d come out rejuvenated, free and renewed. Ready to tackle the world!
I think God knew that He wanted you so soon. His work was manifested in you. To reach out to all. You did your part, Ann.

You leave us with a huge gap, a glaring gap at The Readers’ Table. Our Thursdays will never be the same again. But I also know that this is the time for us to practice what we read. To ponder on what the universe is telling us.

To learn to be in the NOW, with our loved ones, for we know not when we will be called upon to join you and the angels. We can only ask our source - God the creator for more time to make a difference.
Ann, did you get to dance in the rain? Did you get to ride on the big bike? Dr. Alice Nkore was asking. You told us several times that you wanted to do so. I hope you did.

Maybe your transition is to wake us up to the things we want to do. To be more tolerant of others. More loving. To not sweat the small stuff. To be more prayerful. To be more in touch with our creator, our loved ones and with ourselves.
To be more generous - with our time, resources, friendships.

I remember not so long ago, you told us how you started writing letters to your friends. Hand-written letters, and we all thought it was so powerful. Little did we know that God was using you to say farewell with that indelible ink. I hope they treasure those letters, those lucky people!

You wanted to write a book, Ann. How many paragraphs? How many chapters did you write? Where is it, and who can complete your work? Please send us a sign. Maybe it will be a Tablers’ project.

Ann, during the Unplug forum, you made us write our epitaph. I hope you shared yours with Richard. I’m sure he would love to put it on your resting home.
Today is Thursday. We had a Zoom appointment. We knew we would meet, even if from a distance. Although we didn’t hear from you, we assumed you were well. How wrong!
The question is - will you attend Ann? We hope you do.

You see, we discussed this at the Table. The transition from body to spirit, even if you are physically absent, you are in a higher, better place. A place of clarity. I’m sure you will afford a smile to all the questions we will pose. And you will have answers, which I hope you find a way of sending down to us. Yes, we will meet. Not to read, but to celebrate you!

Your transition is a puzzle, but our job is probably to ponder and learn from it...learn to be present in whatever situation. That life is so fragile.

In every situation, there is humor. You never liked to go with the flow. You never liked to conform. Your exit is a clear indication that you planted this in your sub-conscience. Your send-off will be unusual. Clearly you have not conformed to the norm. That is totally you, AKM!

Finally, I have never, ever seen you without a book. We will not get to hear speeches about you, because of the troubled times we live in. We will not send you off now, but I’m sure when the dust settles we will visit your new home. But I really hope someone sends you home with a good book. Seriously.

Ann, you lived your life. You lived a joyful life, with your husband, children and friends. May you rest in eternal peace. We love you always.

Ann Kyohairwe Muhangi went out lonely
Ann Kyohairwe Muhangi touched many, with her words and the way she chose to live life.

Yet, even with all the friends Ann had, her death on Wednesday 25 left many of them beyond inconsoble.
One, the world still needed Ann, for her brilliance and messages that always challanged those she talked to.
Two, Ann died at the time the world is fighting a pandemic, thus, she could not get a send off she truly deserved.

Some that managed to follow did on social media and they all echoed what everyone thought, it was sadder for Ann to go in such a lonely way.
Especially with all the good she gave.