Attending a Mass in Vatican is my best memory - Lawyer Nkunda

Sunday December 1 2019

Felix Nkunda, a television presenter, lecturer

Felix Nkunda, a television presenter, lecturer and lawyer with Sheobill and Co Advocates in Kampala. Photo by Gabriel Buule 

By Gabriel Buule

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
I always wake up and pray. I thank God for the night, my life and ask for his blessing through the new day.

I like music so much and there is that song I won’t go back by McDowell which I listen to every morning.
Besides the obvious trend of checking my diary to go through my hustles, I always call my mother to check on her.

When you get into the office what do you do first?
It is at office that I take tea and most importantly read newspapers or even check on internet and social media to see what is happening. The world has changed that sometimes most breaking information is on websites and social media.

I love to learn and I love spiritual knowledge, whenever I fail to read a page in a book of my choice I instead listen to Dr Miles Monroe’s summons.

Tell us your earliest Childhood memory?
Oh! God, I can’t forget those days when I used to mimic priests that sometime I would lock myself in my mother’s bedroom to recite the entire church Mass.

Sometimes my mother would laugh whenever she found me preaching to a nonexistent congregation, the fact is that I grew up loving catholic priests and I wanted to be one.
Who was your first best friend?
Shockingly, he is still my friend to date and right now I call him my big brother Mr Simon Ssali Ssewankambo.


How was your first date like and who was your first girlfriend?
Girlfriend! Joy yes! My first date was in my secondary school and it was as early as Senior One and I was advised to a date by a girl in Senior Three. It’s a funny memory and it was part of bullying but the person who advised me met all the bills of sodas and snacks I took to the girl.

How was your first time in high school like?
That was at Lubiri High School and all I remember everyone in class was loving and caring and indeed we were a team. I remember people like, Jumbo Humphrey and Edrisa Musuuza (Kenzo).

The truth is that we were all new and we had no choice other than being humble but most importantly my class teacher Ms Nalongo Bisaso liked my conduct.

Tell us the last gift you gave out?
I gave out my best athletics shoes to a friend who had started working.

What was that first book you read?
Initially I never liked reading but later persuaded by my peers and it became a norm. My first book was the Civilization of Africa by Ehret Christopher.

What was your first Job?
I worked as a turn boy at a mattress factory in Garuga Entebbe. But I used also to double as a sales agent and while on the same job I would part time as a waiter at Garuga Lake Resort in the night and it was a great experience.

What was your first Salary?
It was Shs 100, 000/ per month.

What do you spend on most?
I’m not the most successful person in my family but I believe in making sure that my family members get somewhere. I spend my money on relatives and Friends and my balance is for buying shoes, I love shoes.

What is your current job and your favourite job?
I’m a lawyer attached to Sheobill and Co Advocates in Kampala, I also host Good Morning show on UBC, a law lecturer at YMCA Comprehensive institute and also run a real estate consultancy firm.

Lecturing has always been my favourite job since it provides me a room to share my knowledge with the young people.

What are you currently up to?
I’m looking forward to start a family and enroll for a PHD.

Do you have any unmet dream?
I always regret not becoming a priest since I believed that one day I would serve God at the altar.

And your biggest regret?
Well, I have time and again felt that I would have a better calling as a preacher and I regret having not maintained my stand to be in the seminary even when I should have.

Tell us your best memory?
That day when I attended a Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict at St. Peters Basilica in Vatican felt so special in my life.