Business meeting turned into a marriage proposal

Joy says she was excited and speechless at the same time when Samuel proposed to him

Samuel Katende and Joy Kivumbi Katende 

BY Shamim J. Nakawooya


I DO CHERISH YOU. Samuel Katende, 30,is an agricultural produce dealer, a resident of Kazo in Kawempe Division-Kampala. He is also a minister at City Christian Church in charge of Sound engineering. He exchanged vows with Joy Kivumbi Katende,25, a counsellor and a church minister at Christian City Church-Kazo on September 9, 2017 at Redeemed of the Lord Evangelistic Church, Makerere. The couple shared their love journey with Shamim J. Nakawooya.


When and how did you meet?
Samuel : In 2011 and we met at church, she was in the ushering team. She used to pay attention to church members and I quietly looked out for her.
Joy : One day, he suggested a meeting. He asked to be my good friend in 2011 .

So, when did the two of you eventually become so close?
Samuel : In 2013, our conversation always rotated around a future together and what I would love a husband to be like. They were clues.

How was the proposal?
Samuel : It was amazing and it took place at KFC Oasis Mall on January 19, 2017.
Joy : He took me out at KFC Oasis Mall in January [2017] claiming that it was a business meeting. As we got started with our meal, he rose, first stared blankly at me as if he was pondering something but then went on one knee asking me to marry him.

How did you feel?
Joy: I was very excited and speechless at the same time. I just cried. Imagine a meeting that bears a different agenda.

What attracted you to each other?
Samuel : She is loving, attractive and jolly. Those are some of the qualities I needed in a wife.
Joy : Samuel is hardworking, loving with a good sense of humour. He would always makes me laugh and is stress free.

How did you raise funds to meet your budget?
Samuel: More than Shs20m.
Joy : This was raised through our joint savings and contributions from our family members, church and friends.

What was the most expensive item at your wedding?
Samuel : The buffet because in our African culture on such events, your guests have to be treated to a good meal and drinks.
Joy: My gown which was imported from Dubai.

Did you involve a wedding planner?
Samuel : No, we opted to do something of our own liking.

What were you doing on the eve of your wedding?
Samuel : I was at my parents’ home having fun with family members and friends.
Joy: I was at my parents’ house because we had organised a small party for family members and friends.

The groomsmen opted for blue checkered jackets teamed with black bow ties while the bridesmaids went for satin green maxi dresses with a lace detail on the bust . COURTESY PHOTOS 

What was your colour theme?
Samuel : Navy blue, you know blue is for boys.
Joy : My favourite, pink. It is bright and appealing especially at such events.

Were you disappointed in any way during the wedding?
Samuel :Yes, Kampala traffic jam almost broke my heart as it delayed us for church service.
Joy: I was disappointed since some guests left before the end of reception because it was getting late.

Where was the reception?
Samuel: Paya Gardens in Nakulabye because it is not such a long distance from church. Also, it is spacious and serene.

Did you go for premarital counselling?
Samuel : Yes, I learnt that women want to be loved, given special attention just like we [men] do.
Joy :Yes we did. I got tips on how to handle my husband and manage disputes in a marriage.

Did you think going on a honeymoon is vital?
Samuel : Yes, because one needs to relax after such intensive preparations.

Where did you go?
Joy: We first spent a night at Hotel Diplomat so that we could catch MV Kalangala the next day. Then, we went to Pearl Gardens Beach on Ssese Island in Kalangala and proceeded to other places.

What is your advice to those planning to wed?
Samuel : Trust God and first look at the key things on a wedding day such as church, rings, attire and transport to church.
Joy: Put God first, also pray for your marriage and then make reasonable budgets to avoid stress or failing to fulfil the set targets.

Who comprised the entourage?
Samuel : Bonny Kawooya, Wazir, Alex, and Arafat. They are my long-time friends.
Joy : I chose my close friends since we have been friends for more than 10 years.

Where did you shop for your attire?
Joy : We bought the gown from Dubai and we were dressed by Elegant Bridals International on Namaganda Plaza.
Samuel : I bought my attire from Don Garments.

Who made your wedding cake?
Joy : Madam Rose made our cake at Shs1.2 million. It had different flavours such as lemon and strawberry.

Did you have any debts after the wedding?
Samuel :No, we had surplus.
Joy : We made sure we clear everyone before the wedding to avoid stress during and after our honeymoon.

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